Оптовая продажа от производителя, пудра для волос, полностью органическое растение, Кератиновое волокно для наращивания волос

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Product Overview


Welcome to FULLY

Top Manufacturer Keratin Hair Treatment FULLY Hair Building Fibers
As the top manufacturer specializing in Hair Building Fibers Wigs, FULLY offer OEM and ODM customized service for international brands, so far FULLY has offered service to over 500 brands around the world.

Our Company

FULLY Belief- Be Meticulous Be Perfect
Since 2002, FULLY GROUP (CN) LIMITED is a member of Best Family which is a Taiwan-owned enterprise. Located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, we have our own GMPC approved hair building fibers Factory and Hair Technology Research Center.
FULLY implements large-scale production,using producing lines and professional machines to achieve in every batch stable and high quality products.


Hair Building Fibers is a breakthrough in the invention of hair fibers, it's similar with the real hair texture. Due to the electrostatic adsorption, the hair fibers powder will attach to the existing hair. Thus, the appearance of the thinning hair becomes fuller and thicker instantly. It's a simple, convenient and a quick way to satisfy people who have hair thinning problem.
Suitable for Men and Women.

What is FULLY 2nd Generation Hair Building Fibers?
It has been updated into the second generation. With the unique technology, FULLY hair fiber has been provided to world wide as gifts to customers with thinning hair.
Comparing to old ones, the second is better in appearance, weight, glossiness, pH Value, color fastness, static electricity, processing processes and formula.

Remarkable Features & Advantage of FULLY Hair Building Fibers

2. FULLY Hair Building Fibers is slimmer, its dispensability is better. Our hair fiber disperse well, not clump together.

3. FULLY Hair Technology Research Center do contrast experiment on the adsorption capability of static electricity, result shown as following:

4. FULLY Hair Building Fibers is lighter, softer, more natural, no heavy feeling when use on hair.

5. FULLY Hair Building Fibers has stronger color fastness. FULLY Hair Technology Research Center did comparative experiments: Soak different kinds of hair fibers into water for one week, you can see FULLY Hair Building Fibers didn't fake its color at all.

6. FULLY Hair Building Fibers is in the pH value of 4.6, similar with human skin. Even they fall onto the face or hand when customers use it, it won't bring any irritation to skin at all.

We have all kinds of certifications

The Services We Provide

FULLY factory offer OEM ODM service and FULLY product to meet customers' different requirements.
Hair Building Fibers Private Label: 
You can make your brand product, we can help you to produce your customized logo and labels.
Hair Building Fibers FULLY Brand: 
You can choose our FULLY brand stock product, FULLY Hair Building Fibers 23 grams per bottle.
Hair Building Fibers Refill Pack: Your Own Brand Private Label or FULLY Brand Stock available.
Hair Building Fibers in bulk: Raw material in kilogram.

We Pay Attention to The Details of The Product

FULLY pays meticulous attention to every single detail to ensure the highest quality product given to our customers.

More Products For You To Choose

Hair Magic Treasure: to lock the hair building fibers powder
Spray Applicator: to help spray hair building fibers on small or thinning hair areas more precisely
Hairline Optimizer: to help cover forehead more easily to avoid falling onto face, skin and clothes
360 Mirror: help to see their heads clearly from all direction

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