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Small Home Lift Residential Electric Elevators home elevator hydraulic residential

Product Description

We specialize in hydraulic lift elevator for residential, commercial and disabled use. We believe in bringing greater access to people in commercial applications, and work with businesses to help them comply with disabled access into two-level commercial building.The size of our elevator car can be customized. The standard car is 1000 * 1000. If you need to place a wheelchair or need more space, we can customize it for you. The bearing capacity of the car can reach 400kg and can accommodate 3-4 adults

Hydraulic elevator home lift advantages
Our hydraulic home elevator is widely used in customers personal house and villa, it is quiet and stable during lifting and lowering. UPS backup power and manual lower valve make sure that if power failure, the lift could reach to the ground. The light curtain and folding door protect people dropping from the cabin, and the touch sensor at the bottom of home lift will stop the lift immediately when it touches any obstacle.

Safety Measurement:
1. High quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy.
2. Progressive type safety gear, if the cabin drops, this device will lock the cabin immediately to stop dropping.
3. Standardized install process, we will offer customers the installation manual and will guide them online.
4. UPS backup power, when power failure, it will make the cabin to get to the ground.
5. Silent pump station, it is quiet during lifting and lowering.
6. Electromagnetic lock on landing door, it ensures that the landing door will not be opened in danger.
7. Light curtain, when any part of your body is out of the cabin and the light curtain will sense and immediately stop the
8. Specialized home lift cylinder, reduce maintenance and breakdowns.

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Company Profile

Construction would have never been that convenient if there were no aerial work platform solutions in place.
From construction sites to offices and homes, hydraulic lifts and elevators play a pivotal role in managing the lifting requirements. Manufacturing hydraulic lifts that deliver reliability and services require extensive experience, dedication, and professionalism. Lifts and elevators have become an essential part of our lives.
From being used in businesses to homes, these lifts provide convenience, efficiency, and comfort. we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality lifts and elevators at highly affordable rates.
Lifcore is an independent and professional lift platform and home elevator manufacturing factory in the heart of China’s manufacturing origin. We introduce ourselves as the hydraulic lift platforms supplier and take pride in serving our clients with excellent quality customized lift solutions. We are a certified and bonded business that ensures you get the best product and service experience.
What We Offer
We are the biggest hydraulic lift, and home lift Manufacturer Company, offering a wide range of scissors, lifts, residential villa home lifts, boom lifts, hydraulic lift platforms, and home elevators. Our products are conceptualized, designed, and manufactured at our own facility to ensure excellent quality at each step of the process.


1. How big is the custom lift car?
We are custom-made products without standard size. We will tailor them to you completely according to your reserved opening plan. In short, we will provide you with lift equipment of corresponding size according to the size of your opening.
2. What is the load of the custom home lift?
The rated load is 400 kg
3. Do I need to make steel structure to fix the custom home lift?
No, hydraulic lifts can be installed without well. There are many fixing methods, such as wall, ground, floor and ceiling. You can also send us the photos of the site. After seeing the site, we will give you a plan to see whether it needs to be reinforced with steel structure.
4. Can I install the custom home lift outdoors?
Yes, we can customize professional aluminum alloy frame and toughened glass shield. It's no problem to install it outdoors.
5. Does the custom home lift need to reserve a pit?
The hydraulic lift can be installed without a pit, but if you want the lift to be flush with the ground on the first floor, you can leave a 10 cm shallow foundation pit, because the thickness of our car bottom is 7 cm.

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