Premium Grade Bee Propolis Healthy Antioxidant Properties Food Rosemary Green Propolis Serum High Purity Bee Propolis

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Premium Grade Bee Propolis Healthy Antioxidant Properties Food

Rosemary Green Propolis Serum High Purity Bee Propolis


 Name Premium Grade Bee Propolis Healthy Antioxidant Properties Food Rosemary Green Propolis Serum High Purity Bee Propolis
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Rosemary Green Propolis Extract 


It has antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral and antioxidant properties. In addition, it serves to treat inflammation and infections caused by bacteria and viruses and also has an immunomodulatory effect, which increases the production of the body's defense cells.

Through various tests and analyses, the researchers discovered that green propolis is superior to other types of propolis, as it has more than 70 different chemical compounds, expanding its potential. 


Minimum dry extract 18%

Packaging : Outer: Paper / Inner: Glass 

Quantity : 20 ml

Ingredients : Grain alcohol and propolis.




Our Company

honey (6).jpgMel Santa Barbara produces and processes honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly and beeswax. The company was founded in 1982 and is located in Santa Bárbara - MG, Brazil. Mel Santa Bárbara has highly equipped facilities and laboratories where analyzes are carried out to attest to the quality of the products. Our product line consists of more than 50 items with different types of packaging to meet different types of consumers.



Providing the best sweet and healthy experience to consumers. Ensuring respect for bees and the environment, in addition to generating opportunities for our employees.


To be a reference in healthy nutrition in the Southeast region by 2022, standing out for our sustainable practices and reliability in human relationships.


  • Integrity

  • Team work

  • Valuing human bonds

  • Continuous Innovation

  • respect for nature

  • Commitment to the health and satisfaction of our customers

Quality policy:

Produce safe food, meeting legal requirements, with efficient techniques and procedures, in search of innovation, productivity effectiveness and satisfaction of our customers and consumers. Establishing a permanent commitment to quality, competitiveness and training of its employees, always seeking continuous improvement.


The FAQ : 


1. How do I know if the honey is real or fake?

The 100% reliable way is through laboratory analysis that the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply require from the industries as prevention of fraud in food and quality assurance of the same. All of them are made by our company, and we can make the report available to our clients.

Remembering that our company is supervised, going through on-site auditing.

2. My honey is crystallized/sugared, is this normal? Why does it happen?

All pure and true honey can crystallize, this process is normal and natural to bees honey and does not change its natural constituents. Some types of honeys crystallize faster than others, it depends on the floral origin and temperature variation. Cold weather can accelerate this process.

3. If my honey crystallizes what should I do?

It can be consumed even crystallized, because there is no change in nutritional constituents, but to facilitate the use just perform the following process: Put the unopened package of honey in a container with water and take it to fire. Gently shake the package so that the honey mixes inside the package and facilitate the decrystallization. If the water boils, turn off the heat and wait for the temperature to decrease.

Are the honeys with Propolis Extract flavors mixed with Artificial Essence?

Our compound honeys are produced with natural extracts. Their benefits are extracted directly from the plants and homogenized with our traditional propolis extract 11% and delicious honey.

4. What is the suggested amount of spray to be taken?

The product in spray has the objective of facilitating the application, either directly on the throat or on wounds. Two squirts are suggested.


5. What is the difference between aqueous and alcoholic extracts?

The difference is in the extraction way. Some people don't like the taste or can't ingest alcohol from cereals, so they opt for the aqueous solution.

The Aqueous Extract is more acceptable for children because of its mild taste. It is most recommended for the elderly and pregnant women.

6. What is the difference between the alcoholic extract of green propolis and the conventional propolis extract?

The main difference is its origin. The green extract originates from the Rosemary plant or better known as broom from the field. There is scientific proof that its substances with antioxidant functions, responsible for protecting the immune system, known as phenolic compounds and flavonoids, are more concentrated in the Rosemary plant than in other plants that originate conventional propolis.


7. How should I take the Pollen?

The suggested daily dose for an adult is 5g, which is equivalent to 1 tablespoon. It can be taken pure or added to juices, vitamins, yogurts or fruit salads.



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