100% natural bulk Oat flakes fast breakfast non GMO healthy food whosale natural organic cereal grains

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Rolled Oats / Instant Oats / Quick Oats


Oats are a whole-grain food, known scientifically as Avena sativa. Oat groats, the most intact and whole form of oats, take a long time to cook. For this reason, most people prefer rolled, crushed or steel-cut oats. Instant (quick) oats are the most highly processed variety.

Rolled oats are Produced by de-husking and slightly rolling the oat grain. No further processing and no pre-cooking, so the nutritional properties of the whole grain are retained.

Organic, Gluten Free Quick Rolled Oats

While oats are naturally gluten-free, they often come in contact with wheat, barley and rye as the oat supply moves from the farmers' fields to our mills. Our approach to removing these stray kernels of non-oat grains relies on a few key elements. We begin by choosing only the cleanest incoming raw oat shipments to put through the system. These oats are then processed through a dedicated series of mechanical and optical sorters that use natural differences in size, density and color to isolate and eliminate any remaining non-oat grains.

Rolled oat flake is available from 0.5mm to 1.4mm thick.

Fine oat flour is also availabled.jpegil.jpgjf.jpgjtu.jpg

product Name

Rolled oat flake

Place of Origin

Taiwan (Raw material: Australia)


oat flake

Loading weight

Net weight: 25KG per bag


Paper bag

Term of Payment

T/T or L/C at sight



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15~30 days

0.038 s.