Армированное стекловолокно FRP, подвижная внутренняя панель, гелевое покрытие, рулон стекловолокна

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Product Overview


Product Description




Description:single or double gel coat, high gloss,smooth and even

Application:container inside wall,refrigerated truck,boat wall and roof


Description: PP Honeycomb Panel,XPS Sandwich Panel,EPS Sandwich Panel.

Application:Refrigerated Trucks, Camp Trailer, Cool Room, truck bodies and trailer design most builders and fabricators of shelters, man camps and work stations.used as outter and inner skin. panel used for the van was constructed in type of sandwich. The middle layer of the sandwich is a kind of new type extruded polystyrene foam.which offers a very good thermal insulation performance.The sandwich panel is fixed to the steel frame with high strength adhesive and rivet. 

.Main properties;
(1)Light in weight: 30-40% lighter than domestic traditional products.

(2)Thermal insulation properties: The coefficient of heat conductivity of fiberglass
reinforced plastics face panel is about 0.20W/M2.K, the coefficient of heat conductivity
of hard polyurethane foam is 0.018-0.028W/M2.K

(3)Surface properties: Surface of fiberglass reinforced plastics panel possesses very
high tensile strength, bending strength and impact ductility. It also possesses excellent
chemical stability against rainwater, acid . Therefore, its surface is very smooth, , anti-ultraviolet radiation and easy clearance. Particularly, it is suitable to be used for various carriage advertisements.
(4)Impermeability properties: Both sides of FRP panel possess excellent water
impermeability and water resistance.
(5)Fire retardant performance: It conforms to the national standard B1 level.or as customer requirement

(6)Service life: 4-6 times longer than domestic traditional products.

(7)Easy maintainability: There is no trace on the panel after repair, which is more
competitive than steel and aluminum panels.

(8)Environmental protection properties: There is no volatile and corrodible substance on surface of fiberglass reinforced plastics. And the panels are sandwiched with extruded polystyrene foam plastic without fluorine. It is green environmental protection product.

FRP composite board uses the FRP plate made by our company as the composite board skin, and the FRP composite board is customized. The FRP plate produced by us has stable quality, smooth and flat surface, no black spots and bubbles. The thickness of FRP plate can be produced from 1.0mm to 5.0mm. In addition to the conventional colors, different colors can be customized according to the requirements of customers. The color card we use is the international ral color card or Pantone color card



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