high quality meter counter inspection automatic clothes folding nonwoven rewinding machine fabric roll cutting machine

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Introduction of machine
The cloth rolling machine is used for all kinds of fabrics, non-woven fabrics, foam, leather, paper, reflective materials, acetate cloth, reinforcing tape, conductive cloth and other materials before rolling and packaging and repeating various fabrics before cutting and baling. Rolling, can be rolled into straight or 45 degree twill fabric, photoelectric edge-to-edge, can effectively align and automatically control the code for thick and thin materials, and can set the length of the roll.
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Walnut sheller machine

Working width
Rolling motor
Cutting motor
220v 50hz single phase
Machine size

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Product Feature
1. The electronic edge-aligning device is adopted, so that after the cloth and other materials are rolled, the edges of the cloth are neat and consistent, and the soft roll or hard roll can be selected according to the type of cloth.

2. Equipped with a stopwatch automatic control device, which can accurately measure the cloth length and automatically control

3. The speed of cloth rolling can be adjusted steplessly, with high production efficiency, saving manpower and easy operation by one person

1. The cloth rolling machine should be operated by designated personnel, and non-operating personnel shall not use it without permission.

2. Before operation, turn on the power switch and let the cloth rolling machine rotate one to two circles to check whether the machine is normal.

3. Metal objects and other sundries are not allowed to be placed on and around the cloth rolling machine to prevent the effect of rolling cloth.

4. The operator should do a good job in daily maintenance and hygiene, and use neutral detergent when cleaning the conveyor belt.

5. If any abnormality is found during operation, the vehicle should be shut down immediately and the maintenance personnel should be notified for inspection.

6. After get off work, cut off the power supply and clean up.

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The machine will be packed in the plywood case which is free of fumigation. Before packing, it will be wrapped in the plastic film which is used to keep from moisture during the transportation.

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