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teeth whitening kit clinic use laser teeth whitening machine/affordable kit dental bleaching price

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Product name
Professional teeth whitening lamp
Input voltage
Illumination density
Contant temperature
35-40 degree centigrade
Amount of LED tube
Dimension of the carton

About our professional teeth whiten products
We focus on the sale of teeth whitening products more than 10 years, we know a lot of knowledge about teeth whitening, recommend the most professional machines for customers, and provide professional guidance after customers receive the machines.
Our agents are all over the world. They provide high-quality dental products and professional explanations for dental clinics and beauty salons around the world, attracting many customers.
In addition, we are committed to providing OEM services, sticking your personal logo on the machine, for you to better recommend the tooth whitening lamp

Features of teeth whiten lamp

1.12pcs led bleaching lights,60w high power, better than other model in market
2. It has the temperature control system, increase the life of the machine
3. Equipped with a sensor pause button
4. Adjustable light illumination, from 10% to 100%
5. AB mode, single row of lights or double row of lights
6. Touch screen
7. Elegant design
8. Support OEM service

Teeth whiten service

We have received feedback from many customers that this machine has an elegant design and is very popular in the market. The energy of the machine makes the teeth whitening effect better and shortens the treatment time. With our teeth whitening kit, the teeth whitening service is more convenient to operate.

Accessories: Two glasses, suitable power cord

OEM dervice: we can make private stickers or print your logo on the machine

Other items

In addition to teeth whitening lamps, you also need related dental consumables.
(When you order machine, you can choose it)

A: Teeth whiten gel: non peroxide/HP/CP
B: Teeth whiten wipe (Clean tooth)
C: Gum dam (Protect gum)
D: Mouth opener(S/ M/ L)
E: VE cotton tips (moisture lip)
F: Dental bib
G: Shade guide (Compare before and after)
H: Curing light
I: Desensitizing gel

Product Description

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Why Choose Us


1.What is the role of gum dam?
It is gum protector, before you apply whiten gel for tooth, you need use it for tooth.
Generally, over 16%HP, or over 35%, you need to use gum dam.

2. How long does the customer need to illuminate under the LED?
Our gel is 5ml, you can use it 2-3 times for one treatment. 8-10min/times, the effect is better.

3. Can I eat after teeth whitening?
Yes, Of course,but avoid cold or hot food and water.

4.For the desensitizing gel, Shall we put it under a light or in the open?
After the teeth whitening service, apply this on the gum, then rinse your mouth.

5.For different teeth whiten lamp, how to choose best model?
Actually, different machines have different advantages, choose according to your needs.
Our suggestion is to choose high energy and creative design, the effect is better, and absorb more customers.

6.Do I need to clean tooth before teeth whiten service?
Yes, after cleaning the teeth, the gel can be directly applied to the teeth, the effect is better.

7.Is it safety method for teeth whitening lamp?
Yes, LED cold light whitening is very safe, low temperature cold light will not irritate teeth.

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