modern 3d wallpaper wood wall panel peel and stick wallpaper papel tapiz para pared matte papier peint wpc mural wall paper

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Product Overview


Sponge double-sided adhesive 50m per roll /20pieces the price is 4usd

Product presentation
Product model: D094
Material: environmental retardant PVC
Thickness: 1 mm
3D relief height: 13mm
Product specification: 500X500mm
Weight of single tablet: 0.33KG
Surface effect: subwhite
wall panels wall interior
outdoor wall panels

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Note To Buy
1. What is the material of the product? Stick in the home to have harm to human body?
A: The company's products use national certification environmental material,PVC environmental material, the material itself does not contain formaldehyde and harmful substances to human body, no pollution, no taste, please rest assured to use.
2. What is the size of the product? Can you customize the shape and size?
A: The fixed export standard size of the product is 500*500mm,4 pieces of the product is a square, the purchase quantity is welcome to customize the size and shape, if it is a small number or family background wall installation user, it is not recommended to customize the size and shape, because it needs to open the mold, please consult the customer service for details.
3. Can the selected style be customized with the desired color?
Answer: Yes, dear, you can refer to the color card atlas in our website. If there is no color you want, you can directly contact our customer service. The minimum order of customized color is 40 square meters, because if the quantity is too small, the paint color cannot be adjusted, please understand!
4. Can YOU offer a discount for 3D 3D plate background wall?
A: Hello, we are factory wholesale direct sales, can be quoted according to the number of orders, the more the price, the factory wholesale price does not include tax, large orders can contact online customer service.
5. Do your products have self-adhesive tape on the back? A: Hello, the wood factory produces PVC THREE-DIMENSIONAL board behind without self-adhesive, because the front is lixiu embossed relief, the front is convex relief, the back is concave, so the three-dimensional board behind is not with self-adhesive!
6, three-dimensional plate without self-adhesive with what installation?
A: You can choose glue according to the wall you want to stick, your nearby hardware store will sell common water (glass glue, nail-free glue, structural glue, all-purpose glue,PE sponge double-sided glue) these glue can be used,3 square below the small area of recommended use of glass glue goods nail-free glue.
7, suitable for installation on what occasions?
A: Home TV background wall, sofa background wall, bedroom background wall, company front desk background wall, shop brand background wall,KVT, hotel background wall, broadcast room network red background wall, used for high-end decorative building materials background wall.
8, what are the characteristics and advantages of three-dimensional board?
A: choose the state environmental protection of PVC material production, flame-retardant, waterproof, moistureproof, easy to wash, resistance to destruction, and so on merits, three-dimensional plate of positive stereo concave and convex relief, installation is convenient personal can work, applicable to all building internal and external wall decoration, style design rich variety, ever-changing combination, highlight personality, fashion, noble taste.
9. Do you have bottom film and tools in your web pages and videos?
Answer: yes, our company has two kinds of sales way, the first one is what you see in the video to send basilar membrane, send tools, glue, film can protect the body, very suitable for bridal chamber is decorated, prevent 3-5 years later don't like or want to change, removed without leaving any trace, the box to sell a box is 3 square (a total of 12 pieces) is the second factory straight retail customer list , there is no middleman to earn price difference, just to promote the profit of the product to sell, there is almost no profit, so can not send tools.

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Company Profile

Shenzhen Biefu Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern chemical enterprise integrating the research and development, production and sales of epoxy resin materials, imitation fair-face concrete paint, imitation rust paint, imitation wood grain paint, retro floor paint, anti-static paint series, acrylic court, silicon PU, EPDM runway and other floor materials series.
Our products have introduced the German BASF excellent formula and advanced production process system, by a large number of experienced technical research and development personnel, economic management personnel composed of the core of the company, with advanced and complete production lines, testing and testing equipment.

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