Circular Metal rotary slitter blade industrial blades and knives Coil Slitting Line Shearing Cutting Blade Coil Slitting Knife (1600488061729)

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Product Overview



Standing at the junction of history and future, there’re Wright brothers invented and produced airplanes in the past.Today,Nanjing SKS brothers research, produce and develop the best mechanical blade from the last century. Time will take away many memories,Only inheritance is constant ...

Product information

Coil Processing Knives
Slitter Knives and Slitting Tooling are for Pickling Lines, Galvanizing Lines, Tin Lines, Continuous Annealing Lines, Coating Lines, Inspection Lines, Blanking and Hot or Cold Strip Finishing Lines.
Material:D-2,H-13,HSS,Solid Carbide etc. Sharp and durable.
Size: Accurately customize according to drawings or real objects, and the size is accurate.
In addition, we can provide the same types of blades with accessories.

Size/thickness/material can be customized
Specification mm
Outer diameter
Inside diameter
Quenching HRC

55°- 65°

55°- 65°
55°- 65°
55°- 65°
55°- 65°

Tolerances we perform:
Outside Dia.
Inside Dia.

Product advantages:
◆ A wide selection of materials.
◆ Single or Multi-Keyway lock and dirt groove available
◆ Cutting capacity ranging from 0.05mm to 25mm thick coil strips
◆ Tolerance up to 0.003 or +/-0.0025mm
◆ Forged and triple tempered to ensure the best hardness and wear-resistance

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Packing & Shipping

1, PE film or Kraft paper in anti-rust oil - keep air/water/humid away, thus rust-proofing.
2, Bubble film - increases the impact resistance ability.
3, Rubber Slip or Corrugated Angle - gives special care to knife edges.
4, Wood Screws crates - makes opening easier without damaging the crates
5, Corrugated boxes or plywood case - provide superior protection and stack-ability

Technical service and processing

SKS has advanced heat treatment
equipment and technology

Experienced engineers are proficient in various heat treatment methods such as overall heat treatment, surface heat treatment and chemical heat treatment.
The overall heat treatment has a four-step process of annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering.

Different heat treatment processes
for the same metal

SKS will vary according to the heating medium, heating temperature and cooling method.
The same metal adopts different heat treatment processes to obtain different structures, which have different properties and bring the best quality to customers.

SKS Advantages after heat treatment
High hardness, strength and wear resistance.
Strong cutting performance.
Strong corrosion resistance.
Eliminate the internal stress generated.
Blade will not break and have long service life.

SKS have passed ISO9001, CE and SGS certification, and strictly abide by international quality standards. With business idea of “keep improving, keep innovating”, the quality will be strictly controlled.

Factory strength

Our factory has strong non-standard production ability, and we can make tailor-made according to customers' drawings and samples. Products are widely used in steel, paper, wood, plastic, rubber, textile and packaging industries.

The company occupies an area of ​​6,600 square meters, equipped with various process workshops and production areas. The factory has more than 100 production equipment including CNC machining centers, and has 10 heat treatment and material testing technicians.

Since the company exported to the United States in 2008, it has been exported to dozens of countries including Indonesia, India, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Russia, and Mauritius. At the same time, the company's customer base includes well-known domestic and foreign companies, domestic and foreign OEM manufacturers, foreign tool dealers and even tool manufacturers.

International Exhibition

Upstream raw material suppliers
SKS has been a foundry of internationally renowned tools such as SANDVIK, KENNAMETAL, ISCAR, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, and WALTER for many years.

Downstream cooperation channels
SKS has provided blades to Mercedes-Benz's production suppliers for a long time and SKS blades have entered Bunnings, a well-known Australian hardware supermarket chain.

Maintenance advice:
1. Check the cutter screws regularly. After crushing the material by crusher, tighten it with tools. Move the knife and the screw
that fixes the knife to strengthen the fixity between the blade and the tool holder.
2. Always pay attention to check whether the material is doped with screws, metal blocks, small stones or Other hard materials, which will affect the use of the blade or even damage the blade.
3. Pay attention to the sharpness of the blade incision, and grind it after the blade becomes dull to avoid the knife. The dulling
of the sheet causes damage to other parts.
4. When replacing the blade, the clearance between the moving blade and the fixed blade is well set. Adjust the thickness of
recycled broken materials with different gaps,so as to obtain better shearing effect.

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