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The main component of talc is magnesium silicate containing talc. Talc has lubricity, anti-adhesion, flow aid, fire resistance, acid resistance, insulation, high melting point, chemical inactivity, good covering power, softness, good gloss and adsorption. Strong and other excellent physical and chemical properties,


1. Cosmetic grade
Efficacy: Contains a large amount of silicon, which can block infrared rays, thus enhancing the sunscreen and anti-infrared properties of cosmetics.
2. Industrial grade such as plastic and rubber
Efficacy: Talc-filled modified PP has higher tensile elastic modulus and flexural modulus. That is, the tensile and bending stresses of the material can be increased.
3. Agricultural grade: used as a thermal insulation agent for agricultural film.
Efficacy: Silicon-containing minerals have a blocking and shielding effect on infrared rays. Adding an appropriate amount of this mineral powder to the agricultural greenhouse film can improve the barrier property of the plastic film to infrared rays, thereby reducing the heat in the greenhouse to be dissipated outside the greenhouse in the form of infrared radiation at night, and improving the heat preservation of the greenhouse.
4. Ceramic grade
Uses: used in the manufacture of high-frequency ceramics, wireless ceramics, various industrial ceramics, architectural ceramics, daily-use ceramics and ceramic glazes, etc. Features No discoloration at high temperature, enhanced whiteness after calcination, uniform density, good gloss and smooth surface.
5. Paper grade
Uses: used in various high and low grade paper industry products. Features: Paper powder has the characteristics of high whiteness, stable particle size and low abrasion degree. The paper made with this powder can achieve smooth and delicate paper, save raw materials, and improve the service life of grease network.


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