Electroplating Machine Electroless Nickel Plating Chemical Nickel Chrome Plating Equipment

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Electroplating machine electroless nickel plating chemical Ni plating equipment
The full implementation of clean production is the focus of sustainable development in electroplating industry. It is inevitable that plating contamination should be fully eliminated to ensure electroplating industry grow healthy. It will maximize the function the advantage of excellent technology, equipment and strict management.

Automatic linear electroplating line has advantaged technique like multi-layer nickel-plated and decorative chrome, hard chrome, aluminum anodizing, aluminum wheels decorative chrome plating, chemical nickel plating and zinc pieces of technology etc. that in the use of components such as mechanical parts, automobile, motorcycle parts. It also can content various types of plating of decorative and functional requirements according to the requirements of users.

Plastic plating is widely used in many industries like automotive decorative pieces industry, mobile phones decorative pieces industry and signs industry. With the expansion of engineering plastics, the scope of plastic plating is also expanding. It mainly apply to the ABS / PC plastic plating products. First of all, in the plastic substrate surface, we use a specific method to obtain a metal layer that has both plastic and metal advantages, that is, plastic and metal, and then we go on conventional plating.
Metal-plastic plastic overcome many flaws, it has a good solvent resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, light resistance, thermal conductivity properties, a good appearance of metal, coating hardness and so on.

Energy supply
Power voltage
380V/415V/440V,50/60HZ or based on customer plant requirement
Water supply
City water or tap water
Electric or steam,based on customer requirement

Auxiliary equipment
Pure/DI water treatment system
Optional and depend on customer
Waste gas treatment system
Optional and depend on customer
Waste water treatment system
Optional and depend on customer

Design function
Production capacity
Designed by customer requirement
Operation capability
24hours continuous running

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