3 Ton Land seawater flake ice machine with high quality

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(1)Commercial flake ice machines are widely applied into big supermarket chains, seafood market, Fishing boat ,hotels, food
processing and vegetable preservation industries, etc.
(2) Ice Thickness:1.8-2.5mm; Fake ice temperature: -7degree Applications
(3)The following standard cooling methods can be customized according to customer needs: air cooling or water cooling.
(4)Standard conditions: ambient temperature 25 °C, water supply temperature 15 °C, evaporation temperature -22 °C, condensation
temperature 40 °C;
(5)Core Accessories: Bitzer / GEA / Copeland / Danvers.
(6)High efficiency ratio(COP=3.0~3.2) high production(≥100%)
(7)Can be customized to meet any type of non-standard custom requirements,(Voltage can be customized according to customer needs).

Main Features
1). Easy operation: the machine is with a bin, when the ice bin is full, machine will stop automatically. Don't need person to
take care of it specially.
2). Emergency Alarm: Your people will be alarmed once the emergency happens;
3). Use stainless steel 304 / 316 or carbon steel evaporator drum. The scratching-style system inside machine ensures constant
running at the lowest power consumption, exquisite welding and processing technology ensure high-efficiency heat transfer and
energy saving.

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