Stainless Steel Fermentation Tanks 5000L Conical Fermenter 20HL 30HL 40HL 50HL Beer Fermenting Equipment Turnkey (1600489390999)

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Price:$7,000.00 - $7,500.00
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Product Overview


Product Description

Gross capacity
Useful capacity
Inner (SUS304)thickness: 3.0mm;
External-Jacket(SUS304) thickness: 2.0mm
Stainless steel 304
Cooling way
Dimple jacket plate
Cleaning way
CIP in situ cleaning, with rotary spray cleaning ball
Polyurethane-thickness: 100mm
Sample valve, Pressure gauge, Spunding valve, Temperature gauge, Temperature probe, PT-100, Side shadowless manhole, Sparging CIP ball, Butterfly valves, CIP Arm, Hop port, so on.

5000L Conical Fermentation Tank For Brewery System
The fermenting process is a main part of what turns wort into a crisp pilsner or delicious wheat brew, so you’ll need high quality beer fermenters for your home brewing system. Shandong Carry Brewery Equipment company carries a vast selection of beer fermenters and accessories for brewers of all skill levels, and we come in all sizes to cater to your customized requirements.

The main body of the equipment is made of international standard 304 stainless steel, and the tank body uses plasma cutting, pure argon shielded welding, mechanized automatic polishing and other technologies for internal and external processing.The company's scientific dimple plate jacket and manufacturing technology can achieve the greatest heat conduction effect.
We accept customized services, can customize your fermenter according to your needs and premises.

Fermentation Tank Series
Volume in US Gallon
1000L Fermentation Tank
265 US Gallon
10BBL Fermentation Tank
317 US Gallon
1500L  Fermentation Tank
396 US Gallon
15BBL  Fermentation Tank
475 US Gallon
2000L  Fermentation Tank
528 US Gallon
20BBL  Fermentation Tank
634 US Gallon
3000L   Fermentation Tank
793 US Gallon
30BBL  Fermentation Tank
951 US Gallon
4000L   Fermentation Tank
1057 US Gallon
40BBL   Fermentation Tank
1268 US Gallon
5000L   Fermentation Tank
1320 US Gallon

Advantage Of Our Fermenter
1.The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, all purchase high-quality raw materials.
2.There are cooling jackets on the side of the cylinder and the cone.
3.The insulation layer material is high-grade polyurethane with a thickness of 80mm.
4.Each tank has passed rigorous stress testing before shipment.
5.The length of the carbonation stone exceeds the center of the tank, increasing the carbonation effect.
6.The materials are all cut with a laser machine, clean edge, precision finished.
7.The 304 stainless steel pipes use TIG welding technology-One side welding with double side forming.

Other Systems

500L 2-Vessel Brewtech Brewing Equipment 
The 500L mashing equipment is mainly composed of three parts, include Mash/Lauter Tank, Kettle/Whirlpool Tank, PID Control Cabinet. 500L is the effective volume of the mash/lauter tank , and the total volume can reach 625L. For kettle/whirlpool tank, the total volume can reach 830L. Regarding the carbinet, can be equipped on the brewhouse or equipped with fermenting system together. The complete turnkey system is on one handrail and platform.

VFD Motor & Raker 
Spray Sparging Ring and CIP Ball  in the tanks
Sieve plate in the mash/lauter tank  
Vinasse door & Grain chute
Sigh glass on the flow back pipeline 
VFD Wort pump 
Tangential whirlpool inlet 
Balanced Tank 
36KW Electrical element or Steam jacket in kettle/whirlpool tank
 Hot water transfer pump 
6㎡ double/single Plate heating exchanger 
Temperature probe PT-100 on tanks
      High-quality  Wort Filter
Sight Glass equipped on the pipeline
Yeast Adding Device and etc. equipped before the PHE 
1> Double layer with insulation design, material is SUS304
2> Inner-Jacket (SUS304), TH=3.0mm, pickling&passivating treated
3> External-Jacket(SUS 304), TH=2.0mm, ink wires drawing plate
4> 100% high precision TIG welded joints 
5>Tanks’ Insulation layer: PU-thickness= 80mm.

1500L Glycol Water Tank & 3HP Chiller
1> Effective volume =1500L Total volume=1875L
2> Temperature Probe&PT-100
3> PU Insulation layer=30mm
With level tube
5> Flow=1m³/h Lift =8m, 0.55kw
6> Cooling Capacity = 2HP
7> CANSA brand
8> Max control 6 sets x 100L fermenters
9> Fermenters &Glycol water tank
10> Temperature Indicator&control
11> Glycol water pump on/off control
12> With high quality electric components
13> with solenoid valve fittings

50L CIP Cart

50L Disinfection Tank
1. Effective volume: 50L
2. Di
mensions: Φ 500*700mm
3. SUS304 Material Cone top & bottom Thickness is 2mm
4. Valves and fittings included
50L Alkali Tank
1. Effective volume: 50L
2. Dimensions: Φ 500*700mm
3. Double layers, with 50mm PU insulation
4. Valves and fittings included
5. Heating: 3KW electric heating tubes
Cleaning Pump
1. Flow 3m3/h, lift is 24m
2. Hose: Reinforced food grade
3. Stainless steel; power is 0.75KW
4. Dimension: 480*200*345mm
5. Complete circulation sanitary piping and fittings

We can also make customized products according to customer’s needs. We accept OEM production. You can inform us all you need. We'll make our best efforts to make your satisfaction.

Packing & Delivery

Inner stretching membrane and PE paper and outer steel frame, and other packaging for shipping.
1. Main beer brewing tanks, fermenting vessels and turnkey brewhouse system will be packaged with plastic film firstly, then with reinforced steel frames.
2. All beer brewing spare parts, accessories and fittings will be packaged with carton box and crated.
3. All items wrapped with soft package for protection.
4. Each parts of whole brewing system will be labeled.

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1. Specialist manufacturer
We have own factory.
We get CE certification and more Certifications.
We specialize in manufacturing beer brewing equipment.
2. Quality and price
We have professional purchasing team. Comparing multiple vendors, choose the best raw materials and the most preferential price.
We have skilled worker and strict quality control system, provide the best quality products to our customers.
3.Convenient transportation
Our company is located in Jinan Shandong, which is the area of origin of craft beer brewing.
We can combine the brewing equipment with beer brewing process very well.
4. Clear order process
We have clear order process. From mails &calling→→Order confirmed→→Make advance payment→→Workshop produce→→Pay the balance→→Arrange goods delivery→→Buyers receiving confirmation→→Satisfaction survey.
5. Quality of service
We will provide photos make our customers to know the order status.
Of course,we welcome our customers to our factory to inspect any time!

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