Good price K5-A536 K5-A538 5*8500X 5-9016X 5-19294X 5-19232X 5-14X 5-101X KOYO GMG GMB universal joint pin universal joint

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company advantage:

1. The largest bearing trader in North China.
2. China famous brand agent.
3. Partners of more than 300 factories in China.
4. 30 million yuan in stock.
5. The most advanced bearing testing equipment.

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Why Choose Us

1. The most complete types of bearings are available for purchase
2. A variety of bearing quality options are available
3. Professional and technical personnel docking and negotiation
4. Advanced testing equipment provides protection

Company information

Qingzhou Tianhong Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a trading company engaged in bearing sales. It is the largest bearing trading company in North China. Here you can buy any bearings you want from any Chinese factory, any brand, any specification, any quality, Bearings of any request are available for sale. In China, the goods of bearing factories will be shipped to trading companies like us, and then sold to users in various regions through us, so we know Chinese bearings best.
There are many inferior bearing products on the market in China. It is not easy to distinguish the quality of bearings by looking at their appearance. If you buy inferior bearings, it will be a big loss. Our company is equipped with a complete set of bearing testing equipment, including various size scales, hardness testers, spectrometers, the latest technology of vibration testers, and automatic bearing clearance testers to ensure the quality of each batch of bearings. At the same time, you can mail your samples to me, and I will give you a free test and issue a quality inspection certificate. At the same time, according to your samples, we will provide you with the same quality bearing price for comparison.
We have close cooperation with hundreds of bearing factories in China. Due to the large number of bearing models, it is difficult for one or two factories to meet complex and diverse products. Our company has excellent factory resources to bring you better services, so we have the advantage . Traders and users in the bearing industry from all over the world, please contact me.
We support OEM ODM mode, and can customize brand, LOGO, packaging according to your requirements.


steel cage.copper cage.nylon cage.
Oil Grease
surface treatment
nitridation rabbet
salt bath quenching
machine part
50k per day

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Are you a factory or a trader?
We are the largest bearing trader in North China, and we are very famous in China.

How to guarantee the bearing quality?
We have professional technicians and the most advanced quality inspection equipment to ensure that the bearing quality is up to standard. Confirm with customer via video call.

What kind of bearings do you sell?
We sell all types of bearings and their accessories, and also sell bearings of the same model of various quality, because we have cooperation with most bearing manufacturers in China, which can meet the diversified needs of bearing procurement.

What quality are the bearings you sold me?
You have to tell me the quality, quality and brand you require before purchasing. Or where is the use, I will quote you the price of the corresponding product according to your requirements.

How did you trust you when you first cooperated?
We are a regular bearing trading company, and we can confirm by video call before cooperation. All details will be confirmed before placing an order, video factory viewing, quality inspection, packaging confirmation and other pre-sales services.
If you have any other questions, please consult online

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