ZHENGZE CE SCBA Maritime Pressure Gauge Display Residual Gas Consumption Indicator Pressure Gauge Scba Parts PG 07X

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Name
Intelligent Electronic Pressure Gauge ZHD-X15
High-strength polycarbonate, bulletproof material, waterproof and explosion-proof material.
Manually turn on backlight/Low voltage alarm/Display ambient temperature/ Flashlight function/ SOS Alarm/Fall Alarm
carton(can be customized)

Product Parameters

Theoretical standby time
> 1year
Continuous working time
> 30 hours
Continuous alarm time
>7 hours
Sustainable working time when undervoltage
>2 hours
Working temperature
-30°C-~ 60°C
Mechanical gauge accuracy
Level 1.6
Protective grade
Explosion-proof grade
EX ia IIC T4 Ga
3 AAA batteries (AAA 1.5V)

Detailed Descriptions

Product introduction

The intelligent electronic pressure gauge ( short for gauge) can display air respirator cylinder pressure, gas remaining usage time, ambient temperature.It has fall alarm function and retains the original mechanical
pressuregauge asneeded. Also it has mechanical whistle alarm function.

Main Features
SOS Alarm:
When you are in dangerous, you can press the backlight button/call button for 2~3 seconds to activate SOS alarm. Press the backlight button/callbutton to deactivate SOS alarm.

Fall Alarm:
Press the "power/function button" four times continously, turn on/off Fall
Alarm function. If the prompt sound is like "di-di", the function is on. If the prompt sound is like "di-di-di-di ", the function is off.

Cylinder low pressure alarm:
The gauge displays the pressure value real time. When pressure is between 10 Bar and 55 Bar, it screams rapidly and the volume is greater than 90dB. At the same time, the alarm indicator light flashes alternately in red and yellow.

Display Residual Gas Consumption Time:
By monitoring the air pressure, the residual gas consumption time can be calculated dynamically according to the speed of the actual air consumption in the previous 3 minutes.

Display Ambient Temperature
When the gauge is placed in the working environment for at least 60 seconds, it will display the ambient temperature.

HUD-11 (Optional Equipment)

The system consists of a ventilator intelligent electronic pressure gauge (ZHD-X10 referred to as pressure gauge) and a pressure head-up display device (ZHUD-11 referred to as HUD).

The system is easy to operate, open the gas cylinder to automatically turn on the pressure gauge and automatically connect to the paired HUD to enter the working mode;

The pressure head-up display device (ZHUD-11) displays the current air pressure status through the indicator light, flashes and vibrates to remind when the air pressure is low. HUD uses LED to display gas cylinder pressure: When the cylinder pressure is between 10~ 30MPA, and the green light is always on; When the cylinder pressure is between 6~ 10MPA, and the yellow light is always on; When the pressure of the gas cylinder is between 1~6MPA, the red Blue light flashes HUD Pairing ButtonHUD Pairing Indicating Lights light keeps flashing quickly, and the vibrator begins to vibrate every 3 seconds, each vibration lasts 1 second.

The system consists of a ventilator intelligent electronic pressure gauge (ZHD-X10
referred to as pressure gauge) and a pressure head-up display device (ZHUD-11 referred to as HUD).



Company Introduction

ZHENGZE INC. is located in Nanjing, China and with a history over 18 years. ZHENGZE INC. has been a top Developer and Manufacturer in Emergency Safety and Communication Production in the world.

We focus on developing and manufacturing superb and safe RESCUE DEVICES, COMMUNICATION DEVICES and HEARING PROTECTION EQUIPMENT, etc. We have our own FACTORY and an INDEPENDENT WAREHOUSE BASE.

We offer full customization including OEM and ODM. We have built a strong and efficient R&D team with more than 80 people. We have owned many CERTIFICATES including CE, FC and RoHS, and we owned more than 60 different PATENTS.

With over 500 staffs, covering an area of 5,000 square meters, we have achieved a large sum of improvement on product developing and manufacturing. Our products have gained excellent reputation and have been very popular among our distributors in China and overseas.


1. Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?
A: We are a Factory with more than 18 years experience.

2. Q: What is your MOQ?

A: Our MOQ is 100pcs.

3. Q: Can we buy some samples for testing?
A: Yes, we offer samples for testing.

4. Q: Can we put our logos or designs on your package?
A: Yes, you can. OEM and ODM service are welcome.

5. Q: What is your payment term in your company?

A: T/T, L/C, D/P are supported.

6. Q: How do I place orders?

A: You can directly place Trade Assurance order on Alibaba or contact our salesperson.

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