CS02 OEM Wholesale Cheap Chain Saw Machine Cordless Mini Chainsaw with brushless Motor Battery Chain Saw (1600493502852)

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24.3 ft/s High Chain Speed
MVM Battery Chainsaw is great for maintaining your yard and garden, like pruning branches and cutting small logs. At just
over 2.05lbs, the MOKENEYE 6" electric chainsaw cordless is designed for maximum maneuverability around the yard or garden. With 24.3 feet per second chain speed, you can slide a branch in just a few seconds. Its rugged design and powerful motors pack a serious amount of cutting power into a small package and offer a durability that users typically won't find in other power saws.

The 6" compact guide bar with the right chain, which made of high quality alloy, is hard wearing and durable for faster and smoother sawing. An 0-100° rotatable protective baffle protects your safety when cutting, trimming branches, and prevent the sawdust from splashing.
The safety lock switch and the power button are pressed simultaneously to activate the battery chainsaw, preventing possible injury from accidental contact. To prevent hand injuries from kickback, the machine is also fitted with an Armguard Baffle.
The mini chainsaw weighs only 2.6 lbs and can be operated with one hand. Women can also use the chainsaw effortlessly to cut wood, prune trees and garden without feeling sore hands.

2PCS Rechargeable Batteries
This power battery chainsaw comes with 2Pcs replacement batteries that are more powerful to meet your requirement of longer outdoor cutting time. Please charge it fully before use for the 1st time.
Trigger Switch
Enough two-finger grip of the trigger switch and the internal pivot point is set to minimize the pressure of single-finger operation and fatigue caused by long hours of work, more friendly to the elderly and women.
Upgraded thermal system
After our upgraded cooling system, a circulating wind can be formed to maximize the heat dissipation for the motor during the working process, thus avoiding the failure of the internal overheating caused by long working hours.

6-inch Electric Chain Saw
Mini chainsaw is designed for wood cutting, tree pruning and gardening.
Powerful but lightweight, women can easily operate it with one hand, and it is easy to use for left-handed people, saving your time and effort.
Whether you are a master carpenter or a DIY tool lover who occasionally needs precision gadgets and micro tools, MVM can help!
* 1* 6-inch mini chainsaw
* 2* 2Ah Battery Pack
* 1* Fast Charger
* 1* Wrench
* 1* Screwdriver
* 2* Saw Chain
* 1*User Manual


1.Does the device shut down intermittently?
Answer:The device shutdown is triggered the motor protection program, you can solve it from the following aspects.
①Adjust the chain tightness, too tight will cause protective shutdown, too loose will easily lead to chain derailment, there needs to be a 0.3cm gap between the chain and the guide bar, the specific tightness can refer to the video introduction.
②Long time use, When the temperature reaches 200°F, the motor automatically stops working to provide protection. need to wait 10 minutes to cool down before use..

2.Where is the charging indicater light located?
The charging light is located on the batteries themselves (they supply you with two of them). When you plug the cord into the battery, the light should come on red and, after it's fully charged, then turn green.

3.Does the chain stop immediately when the trigger is released?
Answer:It is very easy to use and amazingly powerful. And yes, the chain stops moving immediately when you let go of the trigger. It doesn’t keep moving like a regular chainsaw.

4.What are the steps for installation?
Answer: Mini Chainsaw in a great little tool. To your question, the instructions say to charge the battery first, then install the bar and chain. Run the tool in no load conditions to insure the chain and motor are running properly. (Battery should be removed when installation or adjustment of the chain.) A wrench and screw driver are provided for assembly.

5.What kind of oil? And where do I apply oil?
Answer:Just use universal chain oil, you can apply oil through the gap between the chain and the guide plate.

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Wenzhou MVM Hardware Co., Ltd. is professional in manufacturing power tools for more than 7 years and dedicated to providing high-quality power tools with competitive price for every precious client on the basis of mutual cooperation.


Item Weight‎
1.54 pounds
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4.3 x 2.8 x 13 inches
‎550 Watts
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