Натуральный чистый пчелиный воск для косметики

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Product Overview


Products Description

Beeswax is produced by bees in the form of tiny scales which are "sweated" from the segments on the underside of the abdomen.
To stimulate the production of beeswax the bees gorge themselves with honey or sugar syrup and huddle together to raise the
temperature of the cluster.
To produce one pound of wax requires the bees to consume about ten pounds of honey.
Beeswax is one of nature's most amazing products!
It is derived from the nectar of flowers collected by honeybees (the same source that honey comes from). Honeybees have four
pairs of glands on the underside of their abdomen that produces this increased product.
They use this beeswax to build the wax comb within their hives. Beeswax is considered to be among man's earliest raw materials
having been used for thousands of years to make cosmetics, medicines and art.
Beeswax is a very hard, sticky substance. Because of this, it can be difficult to break into small chunks to use in recipes. We
recommend to use beeswax pastilles to forego this messy process.
They are especially easy to measure and pour. With a beautiful light gold color and sweet honey aroma, they are completely
No additional processing or filtering necessary.

Product Details


Product name
Natural Beeswax
Melting point
Acid value
16.0 mg/g-23.0 mg/g
Saponification value
Benzene insoluble
Slab, pellet
White, Yellow
Natural Aroma
CAS. No.


Candles Cosmetics
Pure natural beeswax candle is natural smokeless and does not contain chemical flavor.

It is widely used in the production of face cream, snow cream, lipstick, hair oil, eyebrow pencil and eye shadow.

Wraps Pills
Beeswax has excellent plastic shape, separation, film forming and waterproof, moisture-proof, oxidation and deterioration effects
Widely used as ointment base material, Chinese patent medicine excipient, soft capsule polishing.

Company Profile

                                  Hebei XuShi Beeswax Co., Ltd.
Hebei XuShi beeswax Co., Ltd. is the only enterprise with drug production license and food production license, and has passed
ISO9001: China quality management system certification, China's top 100 quality enterprises, China's quality assured enterprises,
China's 4A quality honor certificate. Our company adopts advanced production technology to "create greater benefits for customers
with high quality and low price". For the purpose of providing high-quality products, XuShi beeswax is willing to sincerely
cooperate with people from all walks of life.


Packing & Delivery

25kg/bag 25kg/carton 25kg/barrel


Q:Are you a manufacturer or trade company?
We are manufacturer located in Cangzhou city hebei province and welcome to our factory.
Q:How can I get the samples? Samples available after confirmation of price. We provide free samples to check the quality except for delivery charges.
Q:How long can I expect to get the sample?
The samples will be ready for delivery in 1-3 days.The samples will be sent via express and arrive in 3-5 days.
Q: What is the transportation charge for the samples?
The costs depend on weight and your location.
Q: Payment terms ?
TT, 30% when place order and the rest 70% will be paid before shipment.
Q: What is your production lead time?
3-10 days after 30% payment, to be negotiated for urgent orders.

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