High quality detergent washing powder sodium carbonated soda ash 99.2% Industrial sodium carbonate used as a coagulant

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Product Overview


There are three types of industrial sodium carbonate:
Class Ⅰ: Sodium carbonate for special industrial use, suitable for the manufacture of picture tube glass bulbs, float glass, optical glass as a coagulant aid, mainly to adjust the PH value of the flocculation process.
Class II: Industrial sodium carbonate produced from general industrial salt and natural carbon as raw materials, including light sodium carbonate and heavy sodium carbonate.
Class III: It is industrial sodium carbonate produced by sodium sulfate type brine salt as raw material and combined with alkali method, including light sodium carbonate and heavy sodium carbonate.


Product Index

Indicator name
Total alkali content (calculated as Na2CO3)≥
Chloride (as NaCl)≤
Iron (Fe) ≤
Sulfate (as SO42-)≤
Loss on ignition ≤

Q1: How do you guarantee our quality?
We have been on this line for 20 years and are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. We are testing each batch. Defective goods are not allowed to be loaded.

Q2: Do you provide samples?
Yes, we can provide samples.

Q3. About the price
price negotiable. It can be changed according to your quantity and packaging.

Q4: How long is your delivery time?
We can ship within 30 days after receiving the deposit.

Q5. How to ensure stable supply?
Our full production capacity reaches 800,000MT

Q6: What is your payment method?
T/T, Western Union, PayPal, etc.

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