Plastic Injector Bi130 Plastic Injection Mold Machine 130 tn Enjeksiyon Makina

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Product Overview


Plastic Injector Bi130 Plastic Injection Mold Machine 130 tn Enjeksiyon Makina


Contact: Tammy Yan 

Wechat: 18329021230

Whatsapp: +8618329021230

Bi130 001Bi130 004Bi130 003

DescriptionB screw diameterShot weight Clamping force Space between tie bars
Bi13040mm225g1300KN 410x410mm
Bi16045mm321g1600KN 470x470mm
Bi20050mm 452g2000KN 530x530mm
Bi26060mm 800g2600KN 580x580mm
 Bi32070mm 1266g3200KN 680x680mm
Bi40080mm1890g4000KN 730x730mm
Bi50085mm2267g5000KN 840x840mm



Modular Design

Rigidity Increased

Excellent Performance


1) Interconnection

-Real Time Monitoring

-Abnormal Alarm

-Process management

-Equipment Management

-Quality Traceable


2) Interconnection with Auxiliary Machines


3) More Monitoring Items

-Drive Shaft Temperature Monitoring

-Unloading Port Temperature Monitoring

-Machine Power Consumption Monitoring

-Lubrication Pressure Monitoring

-Servo Motor Temperature Monitoring

-Hydraulic Oil Temperature Monitoring

-Ejector Cylinder Pressure Check Interface

-Clamping Cylinder Pressure Check Interface


4) Energy Consumption Monitoring and Data Analysis - Optional

-Machine Power Consumption

-Power Consumption per Unit Weight

-Total Energy Consumption for Batch Production

-Cycle Average Energy Consumption

-Whole Machine Energy Consumption per Week

-Whole Machine Energy Consumption per Month


5) Modular Design

-9 Specifications of screw options

-Rotary Injection Unit Optional 

-Open Mold Synchronous Ejection

-Larger Injection Volume Coverage, Flexible to Meet Product Demand

-Two types of power supply are available, standard power and one-level-higher power. The power configuration can be flexibly selected according to customer demands.

-The electric cabinet is separately designed for strong and weak currents to meet the requirements of different safety standards, and expansion interfaces are reserved.


6) High Rigidity

-The relative deformation of the mounting surface of the platen is reduced, the lifetime of mold is extended, and the yield rate is improved.

-Reduce the non-axial deformation of the tie rod, and reduce the probability of tie rod breakage.

-The overall rigidity of the clamping system is enhanced, and the energy consumption of the clamping system is reduced.

-The main beam of the frame adopts the integral through design of H shape steel, and the load-bearing surface is directly above the main beam.

-The overall rigidity of the frame is strong, and the deformation of the guide rail surface from force is small.


7) Excellent Performance

-The mold opening and closing cycle time is shortened, and the production efficiency is improved.

-The newly designed hinge structure, coupled with the increase of the power of the whole machine, shortens the cycle time of clamping mechanism by 20%~40%

-Fast Injection Speed

The standard injection speed of the whole series is 97mm/s~118mm/s, which can meet the demands of more products.


8) Excellent Performance

-Larger mold opening stroke

-Larger modulus

-Larger inner tie bar distance

-Standard T Slots and threaded holes making mold clamping more flexible and convenient

-Deep cavity products and more space for robot

-The oil circuit is equipped with digital back pressure as standard, and adopts a new type of oil circuit. The plasticizing back pressure is working more quickly and the plasticizing is more stable. The back pressure can react within 0.5 second.

-Adopt a new pressure relief method to reduce the pressure impact of the hydraulic system, prolong the service life of the oil pump, reduce braking energy consumption, and more energy saving.

The ejector is equipped with a shock-absorbing directional valve, which reduces the impact and increases the stability of the machine when it is ejected multiple times or ejected to the end.

-The computer model is upgraded, the operating speed is faster, the screen size is changed from 8.4 inches to 10 inches, and the operation is convenient and smooth.

-It is able to detect multiple groups of analog signals at the same time to enhance intelligent monitoring.

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