4 6 8 inch 600m3/h centrifugal mixed flow 15hp river agricultural irrigation 8 inch diesel water pumps (1600497449924)

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HW type is horizontal, single stage, single suction, vortex shell type mixed flow pump. Suitable for conveying clean water or physical and chemical properties Similar to water, according to the liquid temperature should not be higher than 50℃. It is widely used in farmland drainage and irrigation, industry and urban supply Drainage and other occasions. Mixed flow pump performance range: flow 90~9000m/h, head 3.5~23.5m.


Simple structure, reliable use, convenient decoration, and high efficiency, small size, light weight.

Transmission mode

There is direct drive and variable drive. The common power machines are electric motors and diesel engines.

The type of power machine (power, revolution) should be made clear when ordering, so as to determine the specification of coupling or pulley.

Product Description

——————product parameters

TypeSingle cylinder HW mixed flow centrifugal pump
Usage:Sea water,Clean water,oil,chemical mediator.
Main Applications:   

A Sewage
Water for chemical industry

Irrigation water

Driver:Diesel motor
Power Space220v//380v/600v can be customized.
Type of connectionFlange
Casing:stainless steel can be customized.
Impeller Type:  Close Impeller
Size:  4~12 inch
Maximum driver range4KW~18.5KW---3HP~13.9HP
Maximum discharge-side pressure≤0.3MPa
maximum head3.7m~15.3m
Flow rate range137m³/h~792m³/h---38L/S~220L/S


——-————product structure


1, HW pump is mainly composed of pump cover, impeller, pump body, pump shaft, shaft sleeve and bearing body (caliber < 350mm) or bearing frame (diameter > 400mm) and other main components.

2. The pump cover is connected with the pump body and the water inlet pipe respectively. There should be proper clearance between the pump cover plane and the impeller plane. Too small clearance will produce friction; If the gap is too large, the pressure water in the pump body will backflow and reduce the efficiency of the pump. The actual use of the appropriate gap 0.3~0.7mm(push the pump shaft to the inlet end of the pump). The gap can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the paper pad.

3, the shaft seal device is composed of packing, packing gland, packing ring and packing box on the pump body (100HW, 150HW and 200HW pump without packing ring). Its role is to prevent air inhalation pump and prevent water from the pump too much along the shaft.

4, shaft sleeve to protect the pump shaft. It can be replaced after wear.

5. Pump shaft is supported by single row centripetal ball bearings. The amount of lubricating oil available for bearings should be controlled between the lines of the oil benchmark; It can also be lubricated with grease, which can be added when assembling pumps. In use by removing the front cover and rear cover to supplement.

6. The screw hole on the upper end of the pump body is used for filling water or connecting the vacuum pump to pump air and water.

7, in order to expand the scope of use of the pump, to meet the different requirements of users, can cut the outer diameter of the impeller or change the impeller with different performance (plus letter "A").

8, 100~350HW pump accessories have the inlet and outlet stay bend, live bend, bottom valve and pulley or coupling; The accessories of 400 ~ 650HW pump are inlet and outlet stay bend, check valve and pulley or coupling. Available for users to choose.

———————product shows--



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 ——————product Parameter--

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Q1: Are you a factory or just a trading company? 
A1:We are a manufacturer that specializes in water pumps for more than 20 years. Submersible pump, Centrifugal pump and diesel pumps for more than 10 years.

Q2: Is customized service available? 
A2: Of course, OEM & ODM both are available.

Q3: How can I get the quotation? 
A3: Leave us message with your purchase requirements and we will reply you within one hour on working time. And you may contact us directly by Trade Manager.

Q4: How long is the warranty? 
A4: One year.

Q5: What about the lead time for mass production?
A5: Honestly, It depends on the order you place the order. The normal delivery time is around 7-15 days.





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