Textile Machinery Fully Automatic 52 inch double System Computerized Flat Sweater Knitting 5G Jacquard Loom

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Product Overview


Products Description

5G high-speed knitting machine
Knitting pattern:
front and back needles, twisting rope, jacquard, transfer, close needle, 1*1 thread, 2*2 thread, light (dark) narrowing, air layer knitting method.
Scope of application:
sweaters, knitted hats, knitted gloves, knitted scarves, knitted blankets, wool uppers for the elderly, pet clothes, etc.

Machine configuration

Product Paramenters

DINGXING® Knitting Machine HP-123S
Knitting Width
52 inch
Knitting speed
Maximum speed of 1.6 meters per second,32 segment programmable speed
Stitch density
32 segments of electronic control,the use of subdivision 
technology,adjustable range:0-650,more accurate control of the length of fabric
Knitting system
Single carriage with double system
Rib transfer
Both front and back,not affecting by the carriage direction, separately knitting
Sinker system
The stepping motor can adjust the movable settling plate,and can be adjusted according to different fabrics to achieve a plurality
of collecting and putting effects
8 section of electronic needle selector
Comb device
The comb device with releasing principle,can effectively realize yarn hanging and releasing function
Roller device
main roller and the comb;the 32 section of automatic control,subsection adjustment
Color changing device
8+4 set of yarn mouth configuration in the right and left sides of the guide rail
Automatic stopping device if yarn broken,yarn knot,batching, striking,completion, overload,designated starting and
stopping,program error happen
Driving system
Belt drive,AC servo motor control
Safety device
The whole machine cover to reduce noise and dust,the protecting cover is equipped with stopping sensor,emergency stopping,power
off device
Data input
Through the U disk,computer connection for direct input of data
Language choice
Multi language version:support Chinese,English,Arabia and other languages, but also according to customer needs to increase the
required language
Voltage:AC200V Frequency:50HZ Power:1.5KW

Sideline Frame
It uses the high quality spring to effect the yarn picker. Besides the tension control function,it can also pullback the
superfluous yarn occurs when the carriage moves reversely to tighten the yarn in the uniform tension which is to guarantee the
normal knitting. The creel with sensor is high sensitive,and is not affected by the external factors such as environment and
debris. The induction function is stable and rapid.

Sinker System
Flat knitting machine for knitting needle movement inthe rise and fall with the regularity of the moment,to achieve the stitch
transfer,stitch press off,stitch knit,stitch tuck such as knitting effects,need to help latch needle from sinker to
complete,Improve the capacity of weaving.Sinker control system make the functionof sinker adjustable to achieve, adjusted as
needed of knitting to control,the function of sinker and presser foot are very similar,but more reliable andpractical than the
presser foot.
Display Screen
It adopts industry LCD displayer with graphic touchcontrol,multi color, all time monitoring function. The data of knitting
amount,time,speed, roller, density,yarn carrier, etc, is clearly shown and can be adjusted in the process. It is most convenient
and efficient way to amend the data.

Yarn storage can effectively reduce the resistance ofthe conveyor yarn, especially suitable for less flexible or brittle
fabric,such as cashmere, rabbit fiber,making the fabric even and smooth,improvingmachine knitting efficiency.
Yarn feeder
8yarn feeders'position can be adjusted according tothe knitting width of fabric,also can be adjusted by programmable fine tune
according to the carriage'srunning speed. It has the technical characteristics ofreacting fast and positioning accurate.
Needle bed
Divided structure ,steel sheet made from import high quality steel precisely punched and fine polished to reduce the resistance
with needles and increase the longvity.

Cooperation mode

About transportation

Export Packing Instructions
The surface of the needle plate of the flat knitting machine is attached with the special nano-green rust inhibitor produced in the Netherlands, and then covered with moisture-proof paper. Packed in plastic bags before packing in wooden boxes, the annual anti-corrosion and moisture-proof limit can be as long as 3 years.

standard wooden cases
4sets per20''container
per40'' container



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