Stainless steel Oyster Opener Open Oyster Barbecue tool Thickened Open shell mussel scallop knife

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Product Overview


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Our Services


1. We provide various packaging box customization services, which can be designed and produced according to your needs;


2. We provide Logo customization service, you can print your Logo on the product and packaging.

Packaging & Shipping


1. Our company provides free packaging, including packaging of corresponding size according to customer requirements, so that customers can calculate transportation costs and load and unload goods;

2. We provide free labeling service so that your warehouse can receive your goods smoothly;

3, We provide services for Amazon sellers, including shipping, customization, labeling, shipping, customs clearance and other services.fahuo.jpg

1. Our company provides Air Shipping (including commercial express)/Sea Shipping/Railway Shipping/Road Shipping, and can provide designated and convenient transportation methods according to customer needs;

2. At the same time, we also provide Door-to-Door/Door-to-Port/Door-to-Airport services;

3. We also provide professional services such as customs declaration and clearance.

Company Information

AAA.jpgDear customer, thank you very much for visiting our company's online Alibaba store and look forward to working with you.
The company is located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, adjacent to Japan and South Korea. The geographical position is superior, there are many large ports, and the transportation is convenient and developed, which is convenient for the export of goods.
Our company was established in 2015. It mainly sells kitchen products and household products. It has its own factories and cooperative factories. The company has been developing offline export business and has rich experience in exporting. In 2022, we open an online store on Alibaba. Get to know you and build a partnership.

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