Pulse Jet Industrial Dust Collector For Woodworking Cutting Table Sawing Machine

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Pulse Jet Industrial Dust Collector For Woodworking Cutting Table Sawing Machine


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There are three devices for woodworking dust removal, duct system, fan system and filter system. In these three systems, the structures and functions of different configurations are different, but the basic principles are the same, just like people wearing masks. The pipe connects the woodworking machinery and the filtration system, and the fan works to generate negative pressure to vacuum the pipe. The most important of which are the configuration of the fan and the performance of the filter bag.
The configuration of the fan is calculated according to the number of machines in the production workshop, which requires professional personnel to calculate the configuration, so that the air volume of the filter interface of each machine can be consistent, so as to effectively remove dust. Dust filter bags should be selected according to different environments, and the properties of dust generated by different woodworking workshops are different.
The air flow containing the sawdust particles is transported to the diversion silo of the bag filter through the fan. The flow rate of the air flow is reduced under the action of the deflector. It is adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter bag with the airflow upward, and after being filtered by the cloth bag, the clean gas enters the exhaust chamber and is discharged to the outside. As the filtration conditions continue, more and more dust will accumulate on the outer surface of the filter bag, which will increase the operating resistance of the system and reduce the dust removal efficiency of the system. For this reason, the system is equipped with automatic pulse cleaning. The device consists of a pulse controller, a pulse valve, a quick link, a steam drum and a jet pipe. According to the characteristics of the sawdust particles, the pulse amplitude and pulse frequency can be set on the pulse controller. After the pulse amplitude and frequency are set, the system will automatically complete the cleaning of the filter bag during the working process, thereby greatly increasing the filtration efficiency and prolonging the service life of the filter bag.


Company Information

Botou Xintian Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional dust removal equipment and dust removal accessories manufacturer in collection of research and development, design, equipment manufacturing, field installation, and commissioning Our company mainly produces: electric dust collector, high voltage electrostatic dust collector, rotary umbrella type high efficiency electrostatic dust collector, collecting high voltage electrostatic dust collector, tube pole type electrostatic dust collector, wide spacing electrostatic dust collector, pulse bag dust collector, long bag off-line pulse dust collector, high voltage off-line pulse bag dust collector, micro shock flat bag dust collector, rotary back blowing dust collector, bag type back blowing dust collector, single machine dust collector unit, single bag dust collector, single bag dust removal equipment, cyclone dust collector, coarse powder separator, wet vertical kiln dust collector, desulphurization dust collector , various types of electromagnetic pulse valve, YJD series (discharge valve), horizontal reducer, vertical reducer, planet cycloid pin wheel reducer, a variety of dust removal cloth bag series, a variety of bag cage series, pulse controller, cylinder, electric control cabinet and other dust collector accessories products, and we can also do non-standard design, modification and installation according to the requirements of users .


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1. Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?

Answer: We have 1 factory. Botou Xintian Equipment Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is a manufacture company.We have an improvement team from design, manufacturing ... to installation, commissioning and personnel training. 

2. Q: Where is your factory?

Answer: Our factory is located in Botou City, Cangzhou.

3. Q: How does your factory perform quality control?

A: We test the machine before shipment. Our factory has obtained ISO9001: 2008 certification.

4. Q: How long is the warranty period?

During use, two years warranty and free consultation.

5. Q: How to pay for the product?

Provide letter of credit, wire transfer and Western Union.


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