Оптовая продажа с фабрики по охране окружающей среды Тип устойчив к ржавлению пигмент ZP-55 фосфат цинка

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Guangxi Sci-cube New Materials Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of government agency named Guangxi Institute of Industrial Technology.
Our company has a shared pilot base that is operated and managed by the New Functional Materials Research Institute of Guangxi Production and Research Institute Co., LTD. It is an innovation platform aiming to provide the transfer and transformation services of scientific and technological achievements for universities, research institutes and enterprises for the whole Guangxi.The base is located at No.27, Anping Road, Guangxi-ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone. The construction area of the first phase is 4000m2, with a total investment of 20 million yuan. It has a small test laboratory, analysis and test center, pilot workshop, trial production workshop and related supporting facilities.
The base has spacious test sites, complete functions, advanced technology series of pilot plants, perfect production ancillary facilities, public facilities, environmental protection facilities and logistics facilities.There are general reaction workshop, drying workshop, crushing workshop, workshop of 100,000 level purification workshop, fermentation workshop, laboratory and analysis and testing room.The small test experiment is equipped with high pressure reactor, stainless steel fermenter, double glass reactor and other equipment; the pilot test is equipped with stainless steel reactor, enamel reactor, stainless steel automatic centrifuge, double cone rotary dryer, boiling dryer, spray dryer, airflow grinder, sand mill, biological fermentation device, ultrasonic extraction device and other equipment.Detection is equipped with gas chromatography, high performance liquid chromatograph, infrared spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, ultraviolet visible light spectrophotometer, laser particle size analyzer and other instruments, but also with sewage treatment system, steam heating system, pure water preparation system, aerodynamic system, refrigeration circulation system and other supporting facilities.

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