Anti shock Wire Rope Isolator for Energy Absorption and Vibration Isolation (1600504861829)

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Product Overview


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Product Description

Wire rope isolators are stable mounting assemblies of high quality stranded wire rope held with rugged metal retainers. Each isolating element has specific response characteristic determined by the diameter of the wire rope, the number of strands, the cable length, the cable twist or lay, and the number of cables per section.

Inherent damping is provided by flexure hysteresis, i.e., the rubbing and sliding friction between the strands of the wire rope.

Wire rope isolators provide higher levels of isolation than any other medium or design, with excellent vibration damping. Cable mounts are truly unique, adapted to a spectrum of physical and engineering requirements so broad that it includes almost every isolation need. They have put to rest the notion that a single mount cannot handle both shock and vibration.

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Company Information


Xi'an Elian Technology Co., Ltd. the professional manufacture of vibration isolators and mounts, provides top quality energy absorption and vibration isolation solutions to a variety filed of military, defense, commercial and heavy industry.


Our products cover a wide range, which are not only vibration isolators, vibration mounts, friction dampers and also shock absorbers as well as LC filters. Established in 2020, we have with more than 500 employees including more than 100 experts.


Now, we are the best seller for more than 31 provinces in China and almost 25 oversea countries for areas of motor, fans, punch machine, elevator, compressor, chemical equipment, subway train, bridge, mechanical equipment, large scaled construction, studios, theaters, vehicles, vessels, and machines.




Why is shock and vibration protection so important?
Shock and vibration influence the performance and life expectancy of nearly every kind of mechanical and electrical device, large or small.

What added benefits do isolators provide?
Typically, protection from shock and absorption of vibration is accomplished through the combination of a resilient element (metal mesh, an elastomer, a steel spring, etc.) and a metallic supporting frame. However, the helical isolator, also known as a helical mount or a cable mount, provides a higher level of isolation from shock and vibration than any other type of isolation device.

What makes Elian isolators so effective?
1. Our vibration isolators ( are made of aircraft quality stainless steel cable, wound into metal retaining bars prepared for surface mounting.
2. The wire rope (ranging in diameter from 1/16” to 1”+) and its helix configuration provide the specific resilience required to cushion fragile loads as small as a few pounds or substantial loads of many thousands of pounds, and absorb vibration through a wide frequency spectrum.
3. The isolator operates well in any position: in compression, extension, shear, and roll.
4. Our isolators provide protection in all axes simultaneously.
5. All-metal construction makes our isolators virtually impervious to severe environments, and maintenance free.

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