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Product Overview


Micron High Pressure Stainless steel Anti drip Aeroponic Water Fog Fine Spray Mist Nozzles


Our Advantages:

1:Established in 2003.
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4:Exported over 50 countries.
5:Small order welcome, free samples available.

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Application scenarios: 



Packaging & Shipping

Fog nozzle packing:  plastic bag + carton


Fog nozzle shipping: by sea/air/road or express.




1.Restaurants - outdoor patios, smoking areas, employee break areas, food preservatives, meat packing

2.Residential - backyard and poolside patios, mosquito control, special effects fogging kits

3.Agriculture - poultry and animal cooling, dog kennels, horse stables, pet cooling

4.Industrial - warehouse and garage cooling, employee heat stress reduction, conveyer belts

5.Pollution Control and Waste Management - dust and odor control, waste water plants, garbage sorting facilities, recycling centers,gas cooling, fly ash treatment

6.Oil and Gas - Drilling and production platforms, petroleum storage and transfer stations, water curtains, toxic gas control, storage tanks, hazardous loading areas, equipment bays, coal conveyors, fueling and vulcanizing cabinets, warehouses, storage, personnel and evacuation structures.

7.Chemical Processing - gas conditioning, humidification, drying kilns, curing rooms, electrostatic precipitators, distribution, mixing, distributing liquids on packing & horticultural beds, scrubbing gases, evaporating ponds, dust control, cooling flue gases & temperature sensitive equipment, pollution control and evaporative cooling.

8.Pulp and Papermaking - Paper shredding, paper dust control, cooling ponds, water pollution reduction, humidification, moistening logs, heat control, heat recovery, debarking, washing.

9.Steel Industry - air pollution control, waste water evaporation, contaminated water elimination, spray coating, dust control at transfer plants, de-mist wash, ice control, hood cooling, hazardous product cooling, evaporative cooling, journal cooling, concrete slab cooling, scale removal, aeration, rust prevention, air wiping, tar chasing.

10.Green Industry - energy reduction systems, data centers, pre cooling systems, chillers, air conditioner pre cooling systems

11.Landscaping - mist scaping - special effects water falls, pool side fog, public park cooling, resorts cooling, rainforest mist effects, kids playground cooling

12.Sports Cooling - sporting arena, football sideline, soccer arena, cricket stadiums, high school sporting events



1.Is there any maintenance required?

The only maintenance required for a properly designed misting system is a periodic cleaning of the nozzles and an annual check-up for the pump. This check-up may include adding or changing of the oil and tightening or replacing of fan belts (only on the pulley driven pump models), and changing of the filter cartridge. Misting fan systems require
very little maintenance. We do recommend some preventative care and cleaning for the nozzles.


2.What should I do if misting nozzles plug up? 

Cleaning Nozzles - Replace or clear obstructed or clogged nozzles. Nozzles may be cleared by scraping the stainless steel end with flat surface of a knife or screwdriver. To remove nozzle, turn in counter-clockwise direction. Nozzles may be routinely cleaned by soaking in solution of LIME AWAY or CLR overnight. Rinse thoroughly after soaking. Replace nozzle by turning in clockwise direction until snug.


3.Can you help me with my project? 

Yes, of course. Let us help you to design the right misting system for you. Send to us an email with description, drawings, pictures of the area you want to cool/mist and we'll send you a quote for free.


4.Which system is the best choice for me? 


Low-Pressure Misting Systems

The systems operate between 40 and 100 psi of water pressure. The variance in pressure is because they operate on your household water pressure and not a pump. Normally built with PVC or poly plastic tubing and are connected to a water hose. Typically found on outdoor patios and the misting will get you wet but cool if you are standing nearby.

Mid-Pressure Misting Systems
The systems operates between 100 and 250 psi of water pressure. A Mid-Pressure Pump is utilized to increase the pressure of the water flow. It is perfectly suited for backyard and patio misting.

High Pressure Misting Systems
The systems operate between 800 and 1200 psi (pounds per square inch) of water pressure. The systems will work very effectively in both low and high levels of humidity. Even when the humidity exceeds 90%, the effects of the system will be felt with the rapid drop in temperature and make you feel cool and more comfortable. High Pressure Systems create the most BTU's, because the systems produce smaller MIST and creating more cooling evaporation. As the micron water droplets flash evaporate they pick up heat from the air, which significantly drops the temperature between 25 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit, without making you wet.


5.How much water does a misting system actually use? 

This will vary depending on the size of the system and the number of nozzles to be used.


6. I live in a humid climate. Will a system work for me? 

Yes. The evaporative cooling concept will work any time you are able to achieve evaporation. The more complete the evaporation, the more effective the system will work. For areas with humidity above 80%, temperature reductions will be as high as 10 degrees. For humidity levels between 40% and 80%, temperature reductions will be as high as 20 degrees. Below 40% humidity, the temperature reductions may be as much as 35 degrees.



Our service: 

1.Your inquiry will be replied within 12 hours. Please contact us if you have any questions

2.Well-trained workers and more than 10 years experience. Your application's unique requirements will be carefully addressed by our trained engineers.


3.Our products are directly from factory to save your money.

4.Small orders are acceptable for quick delivery and to help you reduce stock cost.

5. Custom-made and Logo print according to your drawings or samples ,give your ideas that our engineer will make a drawing for you.



1.What's the payment terms?

T/T and L/C. western union, trade assurance etc .

2. What’s your delivery time?

7-30 days after 30% deposit by T/T.

3. What's the fog nozzle quality warranty?

6 month after shipment.

4. Can I have a free sample?

Yes, you should pay the air freight only.


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