China manufactory Aac Block Equipment aac foam brick production line with bottom price

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China manufactory Aac Block Equipment aac foam brick production line with bottom price 

Product Description

Apllication of Aac Block


Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a siliceous material (sand, fly ash and silicon tailings such as waste porcelain clay, stone processing waste materials, blast furnace slag, etc.) and calcareous materials (lime, cement) as the main raw material, mixing fat gas agent (aluminum powder), by ingredients, mixing, casting, pre-raising, cutting, autoclave, curing process made of light porous silicate products, because by the hair contains a lot of gas even after the small pores, hence the name of aerated concrete.

Bottom Price Aac Block Equipment


The normal production capacity:

Annual Capacity(300days)PowerDaily CapacityCycle TimeNo. of Autoclaves

plant area


50,000m³/year400KW166 m³/day8 hours22000


Main Equipments in Bottom Price Aac Block Equipment

1. Belt Conveyor2. Batching Machine3. Roller Screen4. Slurry Tank5. Wet Ball Mill
6. Jaw Crusher7. Dust Remover8. Bucket Elevator9. Lime Stone Silo10. Dry Ball Mill
11. Lime Powder Silo12. Cement Silo13. Screw Conveyor14. Slurry Storing Tank15. Scale for Slurry
16. Scale for Lime&Cement17. Ferry Cart18. Tilting Crane19. Cutting Machine20. Cutting Machine
21. Tilting Crane22. Steam Cart23. Autoclave24. Crane after Autoclave25. Product Crane


Advantages of Aac Block

1. Lightweight: Porosity achieve 70% to 85%, volume density is generally 500 ~ 900kg/m3, as 1/5 of general concrete the 1/4of clay, the 1/3 of hollow brick, and similar with wood can float in water. It can reduce building weight, reduction in the cost of integrated building.

2. Fireproof: Most of the major raw materials is inorganic materials, so it has good fire resistance, and do not emit harmful gases when meet fire. Fire 650 degrees, as a refractory material, the thick up of 90mm walls can reach to 245 minutes fire resistance, 300mm thick up wall can reach to 520 minutes fire resistance.

3. Sound insulation: Due to a unique porous structure, so it has a sound absorption capacity. The sound absorption capacity can reach of 10mm thick wall up to 41 db.

4. Insulation: As the material inside has a large numbers of the pores and porous, which has a good thermal insulation properties. The Thermal conductivity is 0.11-0.16W/MK, as 1/4-1/5 of brick. Typically, the insulation effect of 20cm thick aerated concrete wall is equivalent to 49cm thick solid brick walls ordinary.

5. Permeability: Result of material by the composition of many independent small pores, the moisture absorption is slow, in the volume of absorbent is 5 times of clay saturation do. When used in the bathroom, the wall can be treated to interface directly paste tiles.

6. Anti-seismic: The same building structure, improve the two seismic than the brick level.

7. Green: Manufacturing, transportation, all use the process of pollution, to protect arable land, saving energy, is one kind of a green building material.

8. Durability: material strength is stability, in the specimens tested after one year of atmospheric exposure; the intensity increased by 25%, and remained stable after ten years.

9. Economies: An integrated lower cost than using more than 5% of solid clay bricks, and can increase the usable area, greatly enhance the utilization of floor space.

Bottom Price Aac Block EquipmentBottom Price Aac Block Equipment


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Bottom Price Aac Block Equipment

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Bottom Price Aac Block Equipment


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