Braid / reinforced PVDF MBR composited membrane

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Product Overview


       Braid / reinforced PVDF MBR composited membrane

1 Introduction of the Membran bioreactors(MBR)

     Membrane bioreactor(MBR) applies to all water/wastewater/sewage treatment processes intergrateing a permselective membrane(microfiltration or ultrafiltration) with a biological reactor (activated sludge)process . All  currectly avaliable commercial MBR process employ the membrane  as a filter,separating and rejecting the solid materials developed by the biological process to produce a clarified and disinfected product water.

characteristic PVDF MBR

2 MBR membrane parameters (Hollow fiber membranes)

MBR membrane

MBR modules parameters

3 MBR membrane module (flat sheet panel)

MBR flat sheet panel

MBR flat sheet skid.jpg

4 MBR membrane outside-stream (Tubular membrane module)

tubular module 15 sq.m



modules parameters

MBR module 15 sq.m 

mbr skid 1600 1400

    MBR membrane (hollow fibers)modules and 304 SS skid

5  Company profile and business card

business card 2022 12 


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