120 L/Day Ceiling Mounted Enthalpy Exchange Fresh Air Dehumidification System with Air Purifier

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120 L/Day Ceiling Mounted Enthalpy Exchange Fresh Air Dehumidification System with Air Purifier
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Online technical support, Free spare parts
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Provide overall solution
Hotel/School/Commercial building/Real estate project
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Enthalpy exchange fresh air dehumidification equipment installation standard scheme
Fresh air dehumidification system with PE pipes
1.Exhaust air outlet
2.Outdoor air inlet
3.PE air supply pipe
4.Flexible connection pipe
5. Bracket
6. Y type tee
7. PE exhaust pipe
8. Air distributor
9. Bracket
10. Controller
11. Water-sealed joint
12. Ventilation holes

Dehumidification principle
The humid air is sucked into the machine by the fan in the form of negative pressure, and the evaporator surface is lowered below the dew point temperature of the air through the compressor refrigeration system. At this time, when the moist air passes through the evaporator, the air comes out and attaches to the surface of the evaporator(For example: In the summer we take out a bottle of water from the fridge, and for a moment there is a layer of condensate on the outside of the bottle)The water will flow down the hydrophilic foil on the evaporator to the sink, and then to the tank or drainage pipe to discharge,The dehumidified dry cold air is heated by the heat recovered by the condenser and the dry air is discharged out of the machine in a positive pressure manner, so that the humid room can achieve a drying effect
Principle of enthalpy heat exchange fresh air system
The enthalpy heat exchange fresh air system is a kind of supply and exhaust air system with heat recovery function which is improved on the basis of Bi-directional flow fresh air system.Its working principle is that the supply air and exhaust air are completed by two fans of a host, and a heat exchange module is added inside the host, which can quickly absorb heat and exothermic heat, ensuring sufficient heat exchange between air.The exhaust of outdoor air and the fresh air sent into the room are exchanged in this full heat exchanger, so as to achieve the purpose of recovering cold and heat, which saves air conditioning energy.
On the basis of improving indoor air quality, the impact on indoor temperature is minimized, and you can enjoy the fresh air of nature without opening windows

Principle of sterilization
Fresh air or return air passing through the machine will pass through the purification section of the machine (nylon filter,
medium-efficiency filter and cold catalyst filter),The purification system will filter and purify the outdoor PM2.5 smog and the indoor toxic and harmful gases and VOC, formaldehyde benzene and other pathogens left over from the decoration to eliminate the musty smell.

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Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are a factory and trading company. We can customize the products and packages.Welcome the OEM/ODM

Q: How to select the suitable models?
A: Based on the fresh airflow you need. Please send us the room area, room type or application and number of persons,
our team will help you select the suitable units.
Q: How to guarantee the quality of your products?
A: 1. Strict detection during production.
2. Strict sampling inspection on products before shipment and intact product packaging ensured.

Q: Can you provide samples? How to get it?
A: Yes, we can provide samples. You can contact us directly to ask the details.

Q: Why choose us?
A: 1. We specialize in all kinds of ventilation over 9 years.
2. We have our own R&D, technology and production teams
3. We get the production and financial support from the famous Chinese brand Changhong.
4. We have extensive experience in project solutions and can provide a full range of services.

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