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Product Overview


Collar weaving machine(Single system)
Can be used to make knitted collars.

Product Specification

Knitting width
Knitting system
Single system
Knitting function
Jacquard and knitting collar
Knitting speed
Controlled by servo motor with 32 sections optional, Max 1.2M/S.The serve motor combines precise feedback control system with high-speed digital signal processor(DSP)to control IGBT to achieve accurate electric current output.
Racking system
Controlled by AC servo-motor,racking within 2 inches an with fine adjusting function.
Stitch density
Controlled by stepping motor, 32 sections stitch selectable adjustable scopesupported by subdivision technology: 0-650, the length of the knitwear can be accurately controlled.
Stitch transfer
Triangular integrated designing enables independent or simultaneous stitch transfer to realize more efficient production.
Roller system
Infrared alarm,Computer programs instruction, stepper motor control,32-stagetension selection with an adjustable range between 0-100.
Yarn carrier
3 guide rails and 6 nozzles,shiftable at any postion of the needle bed.
Protection system
The machine alarm system will set off when yarn-breaking, knots, floating yarn,rewinding, end of knitting, racking failure, needle breakage or Program error, also set up the safety auto-lock protect device.
Control system
1.LCD touch screen, graphical interface.USB and network compatible,with expanded memory of up to 2G.A great amount of patterns can bestores and mobilized for use at any time as perproduction requirements. 
2.Monitoring display:Various operating parameters can be displayed and can be adjusted anytime when the machine is running,making operations as convenient and time-saving as possible.
3.Design system and control system(software)are easy to update for free. 4.Multi-language operating system:There are
Chinese,English,Spanish andArabic Versions.Languages can be switched according to customer requirements.
Network function
High speed network can coordinate up to 250 machines;the knitting data can be uploaded downloaded and shared.
Single-phase 110V/220V/three-phase 380V,adopt advanced CMOS technology,having memorizing function at power shock stop.(Optional British plug)
52inch:2480*800*1700mm(bare pager)/2580*900*1800mm(wooden case)

Product Details

Internal parts of the machine head
Needle selector
Internal parts of the machine head

Color change seat
Internal parts of the machine head
Mountain board
Internal parts of the machine head

The running stroke is automatically adjusted according to the width of the fabric; the adjustment is quick and the positioning is accurate, avoiding useless movement and greatly improving the production efficiency of the machine.
Needle bed
The split structure adopts imported high-quality steel plate; fine milling reduces the resistance of acupuncture and prolongs the service life.

Yarn feeder
It can effectively reduce the resistance when conveying the yarn. It is especially suitable for fabrics with poor elasticity or brittleness, so that the fabric structure is uniform and the machine knitting efficiency is improved.
Side creel
Active storage of yarn can reduce the resistance of yarn movement, and is suitable for fabrics that lack elasticity and brittleness, such as cashmere yarn and rabbit hair yarn.

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