Фотогальванический выключатель SMICO постоянного тока в, уличный водонепроницаемый корпус серии

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Product Overview


Product Description


In the photovoltaic system, the photovoltaic switch has two main functions: one is the electrical isolation function. During installation and maintenance, the electrical connection between photovoltaic modules, inverters, power distribution cabinets and the power grid is cut off to provide operators with a Safe environment, this action is realized by the operator actively; the second is the safety protection function, when the electrical system occurs over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit over-temperature and leakage current, it can automatically cut off the circuit to protect the safety of people and equipment, This action is automatically realized by the switch.

Features of SMICO Photovoltaic Switch Series
1. Each stage contact is equipped with an arc extinguishing system, which can extinguish the arc immediately when the switch is closed
2. UV resistant IP66 housing
3. Very short power off time, about 2ms
4. The lid is only removable in the closed position
5. Ground terminal
6. Easy to install1.png

Technical Data

IP Rating: IP66

Connection Type: MC4

Rated Current: 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A,63A

Working Temperature: -5° C- +60° C

Standard: IEC 60947-3

Rated Voltage: 1000VDC (10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A,50A,63A) Max 1500V


SMICO Switch : Safety isolating switches / Polycarbonate enclosed rotary switches

1.Compact and suitable wire space is limited
2. DIN rail mounting for easy installation
3. Load-breaking up to 8 times rated current making it ideal for motor isolation
4. Double-break with silver rivets-superior performace, reliablity and long lasting.
5. Large padlockable red/yellow or grey/black handles
6.Comprehensive range, 16A to 32A models
7. High IP65 rating
8. High breaking capacity with 12.5mm contact air gap
9. Easy to install and operate
10. Easy snap-on fitting of auxiliary switches

3/4 pole SISO DC isolator switch

Main contacts
Rated Current ( I )A162532
Rated insultaion voltage( V)V100010001000
Rated operational current DC21B
2 poles in series600VA162532
2 poles in series + 2 poles in parallel600VA294550
3 poles in series900VA162532
4 poles in series600VA162532
Rated operational current DC22B
2 poles in series600VA5.566.5
3 poles in series600VA16  
4 poles in series600VA16  
Short circuit currentA5
Mechanical use lifeY10 years
Short time withstand current(1s)2,4/2+2H800/1300900/15001000/1700
Short circuit making capacityI cm800/1300900/15001000/1700

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