Modern broiler poultry farm house design for sale prefab chicken farm building (1600508511919)

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steel structure poultry house

China steel structure livestock and poultry farm buildings
Steel structure broiler houses and poultry farms use light steel structures, which are widely used for raising chickens, sheep, cattle, pigs, etc. The roof can be made of corrugated steel plate or sandwich panel, which has good thermal insulation performance. The walls are constructed with steel mesh or sandwich panels. Both the walls and the roof help ensure excellent insulation, so the steel shed is highly resistant to wind, shock and climate change.

About us
1) Founded for 15 years in steel structure field
2) Product range: H-shaped structure,round pipe structure, box structure, cross structure, pipe truss structure, prefabricated buildings, various types of composite steel plates, rock wool boards, etc.
3) Usage of products: industrial plants, storage shed, garage,poultry house,livestock shed,commercial and residential real estate, exhibition centers, Large industrial and civil buildings.
4) Our advantages: stable and durable quality, safe use, earthquake resistance, energy saving and environmental protection, fast installation, beautiful appearance, etc.

Products Description

Product Name

Main Steel Frame
Q235, Q345 Welded H Section Steel
 Q235, Q345 Welded H Section Steel

Secondary Frame
 Q235 C and Z purlin
 Knee brace
 Q235 Angle Steel
 Tie Rod
 Q235 Circular Steel Pipe
 Q235 Round Bar
 Vertical&Horizontal Support
 Q235 Angle Steel, Round Bar or Steel Pipe

Maintenance system
 Roof Panel
 EPS Sandwich Panel / Glass Fiber Sandwich Panel /Rock Wool Sandwich Panel / Pu Sandwich Panel /Steel  Sheet
 Wall Panel
Sandwich Panel / Corrugated Steel Sheet

Aluminum Alloy Window / PVC Window / Sandwich Panel Window
Sliding Sandwich Panel Door / Rolling Metal Door / Personal Door
Finishing Options
Vast array of colors and textures available
Paint Options
 Paint Options
 Alkyd paiting, two primary painting, two finish painting (gray paint, red paint, white paint, epoxy zinc etc.) Or Galvanized.

Prefab Steel Structure Chicken Farm Classification: Based on the chicken raising type, the poultry house divided into free range raising type poultry house (height 2.1m-2.6m) and cage raising type poultry house(height 3.2m--8m) 2.15-18 broilers per square meter, 18-20 laying hens per square meter.

Our Products

The advantage of Chicken Farm Buildings
(Used in our Durable Chicken Farm Buildings Light Steel Structure Warehouse Construction)

1. The tensile strength of steel is much more times greater than concrete.
2. Steel is also ductile in nature.
3. Steel has also the high strength to weight ratio as compared to concrete.
4. Steel structures are also preferred when time span is small. Construction rate is very fast.
5. Steel bars are also reusable.
6. Steel structures can be extended in any direction.
7. Steel has smaller columns as compared to concrete columns, so do to this more space will be available for some other functions.
8. As steel structures are lighter then concrete, therefore there is less cost used and foundation of structure become less
9. Steel structures are cost-effective

Our Services

More chicken farming equipment

In addition to the chicken house, we can provide other chicken raising equipment, if you need it, you can tell us.We will provide you with the most favorable prices and the most satisfactory products.

Feed pan system:
This system deliver feed automatically through motor under the control of feed sensor,which ensure birds feeding during whole growing period.
Nipple drinking system
This system can provide fresh and clean water for poultry which is crucial for the growth of poultry.The drinkers can be triggered from 360 degree which helps young birds start well and makes drinking easier

Ventilation system
This system controls climate conditions,fresh air,humidity and temperature in poultry shed,it is vital for growing birds.This system include Poultry house fan, Cooling pad,Air inlet window.
Environmental control system
This system saves the labor and the resources under the condition of assuring the optimum growth environment of the chickens. It is imported from Israel can set an optimum working mode according to the local climate and raising environment.

Packing & Delivery

We will provide installation videos and installation drawings for customers to install themselves. If you need an installation engineer or team, please contact us to negotiate a solution.


1. Who are you?
We are based in Hebei, China, start from 2005.We are manufacture factory. And you are welcomed to visit us at any time. The quality control flow and sales team will show you our professionalism. Also you will can get best and most competitive price after visiting us.

2. Can you send engineers or whole team to install my project?
We will give detailed installation drawings and video for free. We can send engineers as installation director or a team upon request.

3.What can you buy from us?
Industrial steel structure :warehouse/workshop/hangar/garage/chicken shed/ shed/exhibition hall/ agricultural storage/ logistic centers
Commercial multi-story building : steel structure hotel /office/apartment/school/library/shopping mall buildings

4. What is the delivery time?
Delivery time depends on order quantities. In general the delivery time to nearest seaport in China will be 30 days after
receiving deposit.

5. What services can we provide?
Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C;
You can contact us by email([email protected]), phone:(+8618632871680), Alibaba TM, WhatsApp(+8613785821798) and so on 24*7 and you will get reply within 8 hours.

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