YR2050 high precision original wireline current detecting milliohmmeter DC milliohm low Resistance micro resistance meter Tester

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YR2050 high precision original wireline current detecting milliohmmeter DC milliohm low Resistance micro resistance meter Tester

Application case:

1. Cut a certain length, such as 1m. Measure the diameter to calculate the cross-sectional area, enter the instrument detection mode to input the corresponding parameters, measure the wire resistance to calculate the resistivity, and judge whether the wire material is pure copper through the resistivity.

2. One coil of wire, measure the diameter of the wire and calculate the sectional area, enter the instrument detection mode and input the corresponding parameters, and select the wire material such as copper. Find out the head and tail of the wire to measure the overall resistance, then calculate the length of the wire and judge whether it is enough meters.

3. Check whether the transformer winding is qualified. Open the upper and lower limits in the normal mode, input the upper and lower limits of the resistance, and test the winding resistance of the transformer.

4. Motor maintenance. The winding resistance of high-power motor is very small. If there is a short circuit between the wires of the same winding, it is difficult to detect it with the multimeter resistance. It can be compared with the normal winding resistance in the normal mode.

5. Power line detection. On the market, the quality of the three hole power line of household appliances is uneven. You can use the detection mode to input the length and material of the power line, such as copper, and measure the resistance to calculate the sectional area of the wire.

6. Contact resistance detection: whether all kinds of connectors, extension probes and terminals are in good contact can be judged by the resistance value.

Resolution: 120000; temperature drift: ± 100ppm (10 ~ 40 ℃)

Gear  minimum  precision ± (reading% + range%)

1 Ω ± (0.12% + 0.03%)

10 Ω ± (0.08% + 0.02%)

100 Ω ± (0.08% + 0.02%)

1K Ω ± (0.10% + 0.03%)

Built in 18650 rechargeable battery, no separate charger, can be charged with Android mobile phone charger.

It is strictly prohibited to measure any live parts, such as AC / DC voltage input to the test interface, which may damage the instrument.

To ensure the accuracy and safety of the machine, please store and use it in a dry and non corrosive gas environment.

Package include :
1pcs Tester
1pcs Test Clip



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