Wholesale Aluminum Alloy 5052 H32 H34 Aluminum Plate Sheet 6mm Aluminum Sheet for Boat Building (1600509383441)

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Wholesale Aluminum Alloy 5052 H32 H34 Aluminum Plate Sheet 6mm Aluminum Sheet for Boat Building

Product Details

Standard size of aluminum coil
width 1000mm/1250mm/1500mm/2500mm The length can be customized
Standard size of aluminum plate

Conventional standard thickness

0.2mm  0.3mm  0.4mm  0.5mm  0.6mm  0.8mm   1.0mm   1.2mm  1.5mm  2.0mm  2.5mm  3.0mm  4.0mm  5.0mm  6.0mm   8.0mm   10mm   12mm  15mm   20mm  25mm   30mm  35mm  40mm  45mm  50mm  55mm  60mm  65mm  70mm  75mm  80mm  85mm  90mm  95mm  100mm  105mm  110mm  115mm  120mm  125mm  130mm  135mm  140mm  145mm  150mm  155mm  160mm  165mm  170mm  175mm  180mm  185mm  190mm  195mm  200mm
 Aluminum foil
Thickness  0.0045mm--0.2mm    Width  10mm-500mm  
The length supports customization
Aluminum strip
Thickness   0.2mm-4mm,  Width   10mm-1000mm, 
 The length supports customization
Hardness  H0 H12 H14 H18 H22 H24 H26 H32 H111 H114  T4  T6  Other hardness can be customized
It can be used for color drawing, embossing, cutting, pattern, strip and other processing

Material table
Product use

1000 series
Food, chemical and extrusion coils, various hoses, fireworks powder
Chemical equipment is its typical use

Chemical products, food industry installations and storage containers, weldments, heat exchangers, printed boards, nameplates and reflective appliances

2000 series
Aircraft structures, rivets, missile components, truck hubs, propeller components and other structural components
Aircraft skin, spacer frame, wing rib, wing beam, rivet, etc., and structural parts of buildings and transportation vehicles
Free forging and die forging with complex shape

3000 series

Kitchen utensils, food and chemical products, storage equipment, storage tanks for transporting liquid products, and various pressure vessels and pipelines
Chemical product production and storage devices, plate processing parts, building processing parts, building tools and various lamp parts
Room partition, baffle, movable room board, eaves gutter and downpipe, sheet forming parts, bottle caps, corks, etc

4000 series
Piston, cylinder head
Building distribution frame
The products are widely used in automobiles, water tanks, radiators, etc.

5000 series
Aircraft fuel tank, oil pipe, traffic vehicle and ship sheet metal parts, instruments, street lamp supports and rivets, hardware products, etc

Plate Weldments of ships, automobiles and aircraft; Pressure vessel, refrigeration device, TV Tower, drilling equipment, transportation equipment
Storage tanks, pressure vessels, ship materials

6000 series
Ladder, TV antenna, etc
Pipes, rods, profiles and plates for trucks, towers, ships, trams, furniture, mechanical parts, precision machining, etc
Building profiles, irrigation pipes and extruded materials for vehicles, stands, furniture, fences, etc

7000 series
It is used for manufacturing aircraft structure and other high stress structural parts and molds with high strength and strong corrosion resistance
High strength structure for forging aircraft.
Aluminum clad and non aluminum clad plates for fuselage, wing frame, stringer, etc. Other parts with high strength and high fracture toughness
8000 series
The aluminum plate with bottle cap as the main function is also used in radiators, most of which are used in aluminum foil products

Product Display

Aluminum plate refers to a rectangular plate rolled and processed from aluminum ingots. It is divided into pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, thin aluminum plate, medium and thick aluminum plate, and patterned aluminum plate.

Main uses of aluminum plate: 1. Lighting decoration 2. Solar reflector 3. Building appearance 4. Interior decoration: ceiling, wall, etc. 5. Furniture, cabinets 6. Elevator 7. Signs, nameplates, bags Decorations: such as photo frames 10, household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc. 11. Aerospace and military aspects, such as China's large aircraft manufacturing, Shenzhou spacecraft series, satellites and so on. 12. Machining of mechanical parts 13. Mould manufacturing 14. Chemical/insulation pipeline coating. 15. High-quality ship board.

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Company Introduction



Q: Are you manufacturer?
A: Yes, we are.

Q:Can you produce according to my requirement?
A:Yes, all the design, size, printing and packaging can be done according to customer's request. About any further detail, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Do you offer free samples?
A: Sure,we are glad to send you free samples for your evaluation.But currently we need you to kindly pay the delivery charge on your side if you'd like to have our samples.

Q: What's your MOQ?
A: Normally 5 Tons are requested as the minimum order quantity on our side.We can accept smaller quantities if the warehouse has the right stock size.

Q:How long is your delivery time?
A: About 15-25 days.

Q:What specification should I tell you if I wanna get the quotation?
A: 1. Alloy 2.Size 3. Temper 4. Estimated quantity

Q: What's your payment term?
A: We accept T/T

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