DMX512 Wireless DMX Receiver PCB Board with aneta (1600512296577)

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The DMX512 transceiver module transmits standard DMX512 data wirelessly, and can also transmit online data between lamps and luminaires, hereinafter referred to as templates. This product completely solves the wireless transmission of data between the lighting console and the lamp, and between the lamp and the lamp, and completely removes the twisted pair cable that has been relied on for a long time. In the process of data transmission, there is no delay, and the data is real-time and reliable! This product adopts 2.4G global open ISM frequency band, license-free use. GFSK modulation, 126-channel automatic frequency hopping communication design, strong anti-interference ability.

Applicable field: Upgrading of DMX512 stage lighting products

Product performance index

1. Product name: 2.4G wireless DMX512 transceiver template
2. Small size, easy to use inside the lamp
3. One-key operation, three-color LED display
4. It can transmit standard DMX512 console data, and can also transmit online data between lamps and lanterns
5. Automatic frequency hopping of 126 frequency bands, automatic selection of non-interference frequency bands to ensure the reliability of communication.
6. 7 groups of ID codes can be set, users can use independent 7 groups of wireless networks in one place without interfering with each other.
7. Input voltage: 5VDC
8. Working frequency band: 2.4G ISM, 126 frequency bands.
9. High transmit power: 20dBm
10. Receive sensitivity: -94dBm
11. Signal interface: RS485 or CPU serial port AURT

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