Four-sided elastic silver fiber fabric maternity clothing touch screen gloves anti-radiation anti-static conductive fabric

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Product Overview


 Four-sided elastic silver fiber fabric maternity clothing touch screen gloves conductive fabric anti-radiation anti-static antibacterial fabric13.png



100% silver fiber 

Supply type

Four-sided elastic silver fiber fabric 110g







Surface Resistivity

2.5 Ω/cm2





1)radiation protection effect. Anti-static, anti-bacterial, anti-odor

2)Can make anti-static clothing, anti-radiation maternity wear, pajamas, underwear, masks, househlod products.

3)Touch screen glove materials, capacitance pen, cosmetic medical instruments, shielding bags, curtains and so on.

4)The first choice of radiation shielding components for available medical devices

5)Effectively inhibit bacteria include Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Silver fibers can conduct electricity quickly and efficiently, prevent the human body from being shocked by electricity, and protect the human body from electromagnetic waves (pregnant women can protect the fetus from electromagnetic wave pollution). After strict inspection by the Shanghai Test Center in China, the shielding effect of 60-90db can be achieved within the electromagnetic frequency of 0.1MHz to 20GHz

Precautions for use and dyeing:

1.The temperature should not exceed 130℃

2.It is recommended that the ironing temperature is below 80℃, and it is not recommended to use steam iron.

3.Can not be rinsed with sodium hypochlorite, rinsed with fire alkali.

4.Rinse with hydrogen peroxide and sodium peroxide within 5%, resistant to 50 times of water washing.

5.Alkali resistance but not acid resistance.

6.Can not be washed directly with tap water (some tap water contains oxygen ions and silver reaction),  boil tap water and cool it thoroughly before washing, Or wash with well water, mineral water, wash with neutral washing liquid.

7Always wear nylon gloves, or cotton gloves and cuffs before checking or using the fabric to prevent handprints and sweat from getting onto the fabric.

8.When the fabric is unfolded for inspection, a clean fabric should be laid underneath to prevent dirt. Cutting or processing clothes. To avoid getting oily

9.In order to prevent the color difference caused by oxidation when not used for a long time, the auxiliary materials should be moisture-proof and sealed with plastic bags to avoid sunlight. Better to use right after purchasing

10.The accessories should not be under heavy pressure, and there should be no corrosive substances such as acid and alkali around

11.Place in room temperature and ventilated environment.

12.There may be some difference between the color of the sample provided and the color of the mass goods produced later, but the quality will not be affected. Thank you for your understanding.



1. Why choose us ?
Our Team : 50-80 people in our factory , focused on conductive fabric more than ten years ,good quality and service. Equipment : 4 vacuum magnetron sputtering coating production lines, 60 sets composite ion plating equipment, 20 sets silver plating machine ,
Monthly capacity : 100,000 M /month
2. How can we guarantee quality?
A. Passed the SGS/ROHS Testing Report
B. Our own Independent Product Patent & Registered Trademark
C. Passed Enterprises ISO 9001 Quality system Certification
C. Pre-production sample confirmed before mass production
D. Final inspection before shipment
3. How to store products ?
Keep at normal temperature, avoid direct light, store in 6℃ - 34℃/0- 65% Rh packing box.
4. Operation Precaution
Do not fold hard for long, do not rub, do not wash, do not smear, operate with gloves ,
Please do not use excessive spray glue, white glue, mighty bond, to avoid glue oxidation, and glue will oxidize the metal components in the cloth, affecting the shielding effect. It is recommended to use self-adhesive bonding to avoid unnecessary losses.
5. What products do we have ?
Shielded Nano Aluminum Foil
Conductive fabric cloth ;
Electromagnetic shield fabric ( EMI Conductive fabric) ;
Anti-radiation conductive fabric ;
Silver fiber conductive fabric cloth;
RFID Shielding fabric;
6. what services can we provide?
B. Delivery Time : Delivery within 3-7 days after receipt of payment, according to customer order quantity.
C. Payment Currency : USD/EUR/CNY
D. Payment Terms : T/T, CASH
7.7. How to contact us?
Whats App/Mobile:+8618665808378
We chat: LwjIrene





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