Новый Сделано в Китае; Наивысшее качество; GS-300-3HCS полировки пламенем огонь для полировки поверхности этикеточная машина

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GS-300-3HCS Flame Polishing
The burr and burr produced by plastic parts are smooth and beautiful after high-speed and strong flame combustion.
This flame equipment is used to deal with the edge burr produced by injection molding of various plastic parts. The burr and burr produced by plastic parts are smooth and beautiful after high-speed and strong flame combustion.
The flame pretreatment system of "BeiCang machinery" has fine flame application technology; We have accumulated many years of experience, combined with advanced combustion safety control system and spare parts, each system is assembled before leaving the factory, and has undergone strict quality inspection and testing to ensure its good quality
Flame polishing removes burs and flash from injection molded components. The flame rounds off edges without damaging the product. Examples include Lingerie coat hangers to prevent snagging.
Industry application
Capable of printing, bonding, coating and other operations
Pre treatment of various sealant strips
Pretreatment of automobile brake pad, oil seal and bumper coating
Pretreatment of bonding of various materials in shipbuilding
Surface treatment before coating
Surface treatment before printing
Surface treatment before bonding
Pipe surface treatment to increase the adhesion of printing
Toy surface treatment, favorable for bonding, printing, etc
Beverage bottle cap, cosmetic surface printing, bonding
Flame treatment of articles and household appliances
The shoes shall be treated before bonding to ensure that they are firm and do not open
Equipment characteristics
Select high-quality high-temperature corrosion-resistant belt chain plate transmission, and the angle of four groups of nozzles can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the needs of surface treatment of different shapes; The flame system adopts PLC microcomputer electrical control, and the transmission part adopts advanced stepping motor. The speed is adjusted by frequency conversion speed regulation to meet the different requirements of different workpieces.
"glintsun" has a specially designed burner with flame jet technology, which makes effective use of fuel efficiency to improve its treatment effect; The flame system can use fuel LPG (liquefied gas) or natural gas (natural gas) and propane; In order to ensure the safety of the system, the solenoid valve design is used on the gas circuit to ensure that the gas supply can be turned off in case of abnormality; The whole machine has the advantages of novel structure, reasonable design, convenient operation, movable casters at the bottom and convenient movement.
Adjustable rotation speed, automatic ignition function, adjustable step speed, safety net cover, gas leakage monitoring and alarm

Size of combustion nozzle: one set of 250mm (no.gs-d250tps)
150mm (no.gs-d150tps) one set
One set of 100mm (no.gs-d100tps)
Combustion gas: LNG liquefied natural gas
Calorific value of gas: LNG: 8700kcal / M ³
Maximum gas consumption: About LNG: 80L / min
Air consumption - maximum: 50m ³/ hr
Ignition mode, manual and automatic dual-mode switching; Controllable ignition and flameout frequency
Combustion supporting gas: compressed air 6kgf / cm2
Control voltage: 220V / 50Hz;
Conveyor belt speed: 2-10M / min
Step speed: 0 ~ 999 seconds preset
Workpiece rotation: stepless speed regulation
Rotating fixture: 24pcs
Adjustment mode: variable frequency speed regulation of conveyor belt
Gas leakage monitor: safety configuration
Conveyor belt size: 2000 × 360mm long × (width)
Overall dimension: 2000 × eight hundred and fifty × 1350mm long × wide × High)
Weight: 230kg

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