Высокоэффективная машина для обработки поверхности плазмы от коронавируса

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Product Overview


Four-head plasma cleaner SDC-7600

(1)Product description
(1.1)The role of plasma cleaning
The principle of plasma cleaning is mainly:
(A)Etching on the surface of materials - physical effects
A large number of active particles in the plasma, such as a large number of ions, excited
molecules, and free radicals,
act on the surface of the solid sample, which not only removes the original contaminants and
impurities, but also produces an etching effect to roughen the surface of the sample. Many fine
pits are formed, increasing the surface ratio of the sample. Improve the wetting properties of
solid surfaces.
(B)Activation bond energy, cross-linking
The energy of the particles in the plasma is between 0-20 eV, and most of the bonds in the
polymer are between 0-10 eV.
When a solid surface is used, the original chemical bond on the solid surface can be broken, and
the free radicals in the plasma and these bonds
The formation of a network of crosslinked structures greatly activates surface activity.
(C)Forming new functional groups - chemistry
If a reactive gas is introduced into the discharge gas, a complicated chemical reaction occurs on
the surface of the activated material, and new functional groups such as a hydrocarbon group,
an amino group, a carboxyl group, and the like are introduced, and these functional groups are
all active groups, which can significantly improve the surface activity of the material.

(1.2)Advantages of vacuum plasma cleaning
Plasma cleaning is an important material surface modification method and has been widely
used in many fields.
(A)Low processing temperature
The processing temperature can be as low as 80 ° C - 50 ° C. Low processing temperatures
ensure no thermal effects on the sample surface.
(B)No pollution during the whole process
The plasma cleaner itself is a very environmentally friendly device that does not cause any
pollution,and does not cause any pollution during the treatment process.
(C)Stable processing effect
The treatment effect of plasma cleaning is very uniform and stable, and the effect of
maintaining the sample after a long period of time is good.
(D)Can handle samples of various shapes
For complex shaped samples, plasma cleaning can find the right solution.
Vacuum plasma cleaning allows for the cleaning of the internal position of the solid sample.

(1.2)Product principle
The structure of the plasma cleaning machine is mainly divided into three major
components, namely high-voltage excitation power supply, plasma generator spray
gun, and control system.
(A)High voltage excitation power supply:
The generation of plasma requires high-voltage excitation, and the atmospheric low-
temperature plasma is excited by an intermediate frequency power supply at a
frequency of 10-40 kHz. The high voltage is at 4-10KV. The parameters can be adjusted
according to the actual conditions of the sample, and the optimal modification effect
has been achieved.
(B)Plasma generator spray gun:
The atmospheric low-temperature plasma generator spray gun can be divided into
two types: jet direct injection and rotary direct injection. The difference is that the
treatment area is different.。
(C)Control system:
The control system functions to control the operation of the entire atmospheric low
temperature plasma cleaning equipment and the protection of the overall system.

Technical Specification

Input power
Working gas
Anhydrous oil-free compressed air; optional argon, nitrogen, etc.
Overload protection, short circuit protection, open circuit
protection, temperature protection
Remote control
Both local control and remote contro
Gun selection
Rotary spray gun
Processing width diameter:50mm, 70、30、20mm
Cable length

Performance advantage
(1)German circuit technology:
High-density plasma is generated using German high-voltage excitation power circuit technology to ensure superior
cleaning results.
(2)Comprehensive security protection:
Temperature safety protection function, overload protection function, air pressure abnormality protection function,
short circuit breaking alarm protection function, various misoperation protection functions.
(3)Unique discharge technology:
Special treatment and special structure of the discharge device ensure a stable and uniform plasma.
(4)With assembly line production:
According to the user's site requirements, the optimal pipeline production plan is configured to greatly improve
production efficiency.
(5)Quality product parts:
All the components of the product are made of top quality parts at home and abroad to ensure superior equipment
(6)Low temperature cleaning:
Meet the temperature requirements of different occasions, no temperature impact on the cleaning products
(7)Precision CNC machining:
Imported precision CNC machine tool processing technology, and equipped with imported three-coordinate
measuring instrument for quality monitoring

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