Машина для вакуумного покрытия PVD, многодуговая ионная вакуумная машина для покрытия металла, система вакуумного покрытия

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Price:45 000,00 $ - 50 000,00 $
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Product Overview


Product Information

PVD plasma vacuum coating machine multi-arc ion vacuum metal coating machine vacuum coating system

Vacuum multi-arc ion coating machine is a high-tech environmental friendly product for metaljewelleryglass and ceramic products surface coating. 

After coating by this machine can improve the workpieces hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance etc.

The machine itself has many advantages such as quick pumping speed, stable vacuum environmentlarge 

load capacity and uniform coating film. COATED SAMPLES

Technical Specification

Vacuum Chamber SizeD1000×H1000mmD1200×H1300mmD1300×H1300mmD1600×H1800mmD2100×H3600mmD2300×H4500mm
Power SupplyPulse bias power supply, arc power supply (power can be different according to requirements)
Vacuum Chamber StructureVertical single/double door, rear vacuum acquisition system
Vacuum Chamber MaterialSUS-304 superior stainless steel
Ultimate Vacuum8.0×10-4Pa8.0×10-4Pa8.0×10-4Pa8.0×10-4Pa8.0×10-4Pa8.0×10-4Pa
Pumping SpeedFrom 1 atm to 6.7×10-3Pa take 8~15min (room temperature, clean and unload)
Vacuum SystemDiffusion pump + roots pump + rotary vane pump + holding pump (can be adjusted according requested)
Number Of Multi-Arc488163645
Shelves Rotation SystemPlanetary revolution and rotation, frequency control, upper and base rotation shelves, number of axes equipped by requested.
Process GasMass flow controller (3-4 ways), manual or automatic processing gas systems
Cooling SystemWater-cooling system.
Cooling water tower, industrial chiller or ply-cold system need to be purchased separately. ( or supplied by user)
Control ModeManual or PLC + touch screen
Alarm And ProtectionWater pressure alarm, air pressure alarm, over current protection, execution on related protective measures and electrical interlock systems.
Foot PrintW3m×L3.5mW3.5m×L5mW3.5m×L5mW4.5m×L5.5mW4.5m×L11mW5m×L12m
Other Technical DataWater pressure≥0.2MPa, water temperature≤25℃, air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
RemarksSpecific size can be designed by user’s requested.
DC magnetron power supply and intermediate frequency power supply can be equipped to meet the different coating process.
Customizable vacuum chamber size range: D 500-3000mm, H: 500-7000mm.

Our MachinesOur Machines-


including the watch industry (strap, case, dial)

glass ceramics industry (glass tableware, ceramic crafts)

hardware industry (sanitary ware, door knobs, locks)

architecture industry (stainless steel plate, stair railings, columns)

precision mold industry (standard punch mold, forming mold)

toolindustry (drill bits, carbide cutters, broaches, shaving heads)

automotive industry (piston, piston rings, alloy wheels) as well as pens and glasses etc.

The film makes the products surface much more beautiful and wearable.

Our service

1.We will response within 24 hours after the buyer's formal Technical Support Reprt.
2.After the buyer receives the formal Finishing Inspection Report from seller, the buyer should inspect the machine in site within 7 days. After inspection approval,the buyer should pay the balance before shipment.
3.12 months' warranty and the whole machine life maintenance.(Charged during the warranty due to human's damage or wrong operation).
4.Sellers provide Customer Files for maintenance and repairing service.
5.Sellers should provide the spare parts to buyer during the equipment's life time as requested.


Production Process


What materials can be coated?
PVD can be applied directly to stainless steel. The most common applications are chrome plated zinc, brass, steel, aluminum and ABS plastic.

What is the thickness of the PVD coating?
Depending on the application (Functional or Decorative) the thickness range is 0.30 to 1.0 micron for Decorative and 2.0 – 5.0 microns for Functional.

What colors are available?
The range of colors includes Brass tones, Gold Tones, Black to Gray, Silver, Copper, Rainbows & Bronze Tones. We also pioneered PVD antique finishes like Oil Rubbed Bronze.

For pre-treatment on the metal parts:
1. Ultrasonic washing machine

2. Pure water machine, 1 ton/hour
3. The surface of the substrates(the products) should be clean, dry, so you will need an oven
4. Space for the machine: 5x4x3(LWH) meters, at least


We also provide the accessories of vacuum coating machine

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