Медный катализатор Nanxiang cu zn, цена, метанольный катализатор al2o3, медный катализатор

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Copper catalysts are mainly catalysts containing copper metals,the application scope is wide,It is mainly used as catalyst for methanol synthesis,Use of dehydrogenation catalysts,use of deoxidation catalysts. 

The catalyst is supported by alumina,Copper is the active component, Containing special auxiliaries. The preparation technology of catalyst has been improved greatly, the performance of the catalyst has been greatly improved ,Mainly manifested in : Catalyst activity enhancement, especially the activity at low temperature was significantly improved, the spatiotemporal yield and CO conversion rate of catalyst were increased, thermal stability enhancement, Catalyst has long service life, good selectivity, Crude methanol contains high methanol content, Low organic by-products, Wide range of use, Easy to restore and operate, high strength, the catalyst powderization is reduced, the pressure drop is small, It is beneficial to increase the output of methanol plant . Suitable for medium and low pressure methanol process.

It is widely used in methanol plants of various processes, Lurgi process, ICI process and other low pressure process,its activity level has reached the latest foreign similar products.

physicochemical property:

bulk density
Radial crushing strength
Black columnar

Reference service conditions:

working pressure
operating temperature
Feed gas
Natural gas,  oil field gas,gas, coke-oven gas,light oil ect total S:<0.1ppm, total C:<0.1ppm
Activity index
Thick alcohol space- time yield coefficient ≥1.0ml/ml.h

Company Profile

Pingxiang Nanxiang Chemical Packing Co.,Ltd was located in Pingxiang City , which boasts for its long standing reputation for packing industry, one of the five biggest bases in China. Our company is in the West Section of Pingxiang Hi-Tech Industrial Park, enjoys convenient transportation, which ensure provide customer prompt delivery.

Pingxiang Nanxiang Chemical Packing Co., Ltd. is an Pingxiang based mass transfer technology company that develops, manufactures, installs, and supports a wide range of mass transfer equipments and ceramic products for modern chemical processing industry, water treatment industry, petrochemical industry, high temperature combustion technology etc.

Nanxiang's main manufacture products are: random and structured chemical packing in ceramic, plastic & metal material, molecular sieve, Ceramic Ball, honeycomb ceramics, etc used in all types of petrochemical & chemical processes and environmental applications, and Alumina Grinding Balls & Lining Bricks used as grinding media.

Nanxiang factory always satisfies our clients with faithful cooperation, best quality, reasonable price, fastest delivery. We ensure give you the best service. For better development and strengthen inner management, we has certified to ISO 9001:2000, and supply to this standard as a minimum.

Nanxiang also welcome OEM orders, we has a skilled responsible and committed team work who will ensure your requirements will be met promptly and fully. We sincerely hope negotiate with new or old customer.

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