Tobel Fluid Immersion Oil Cooling Copper Tube Aluminum Fin Dry Cooler for Data Center (1600521697720)

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Product Description

Dry cooler provide a smart way to take advantage of free cooling when surrounding temperature allows for it. They are made with cross-fin copper tubes or stainless steel tube and corrugated aluminum fins, resulting in a combination of compact dimensions and high capacity.
Dry cooler can be easily integrated with liquid-cooled plate heat exchangers, especially in free cooling systems.
Dry coolers were designed to achieve an optimized exchange of thermal energy between air and a refrigerant or fluid. In order for dry cooler to work, the air temperature needs to be cooler than water in the system. To cool the system liquid, hot process liquid flows through the dry cooler tubes. The liquid is then cooled by the relatively cold ambient air that is forced through the coil.
The core of our air heat exchangers is the fin coil, built from a circuit of interconnected tube serpentines and fins to increase the heat exchanging surface.

dvantage of WKDL Dry Cooler
1. Modular designs of dry cooler helps in space optimization
2. High efficient fin to tube heat exchanger
3. Zero water wastage : as it is closed loop operation and now water evaporation
4. Negligible maintenance cost : as water treatment, makeup water and replacement of fills are not required.
5. No periodic cleaning requirement
6. Separates process side from any contamination due to closed loop system
7. Casing made of galvanzied steel, enhanced corrosion resistance.

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Machine Parts
Copper Tube
Tube Dia: 15.88/20/25mm
Tube Material: Titanium / Red Copper / Stainless steel / Aluminum / Carbon Steel

Main Features
Fin Thickness: 0.18 /0.2/0.3/0.5/0.8/1.0mm etc
Fin Material: Red Copper/ Stainless Steel/ Aluminum/ Carbon Steel
Fin Coat: Hydrophilic film and anti-corrosion coat
Fin Pitch: 1/2/3/4mm etc

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Machine Parts
Name: Axial Fan
Brand: EBM / ZIEHL-ABEGG / Good China Brand
We have common model in stock. If you need special voltage we can order it for you in 20-30 days.

Main Features
Water tube expanding test
All evaporators will be tested twice before out of factory. One test is leakage test, put the evaporator in pool to inspect if there is a bubble. Another test is water tube expanding with 10-30Mpa pressure, our stainless steel tube can bear 30Mpa pressure.


1. Steel Industry -- Electrical Arc Furnace / induction furnace cooling
2. Refinery & petrochemicals -- Reactor column cooling
3. Rubber -- Roller cooling
4. Independent Power Stations -- Cooling of engine jacket water, lube oil and inter-stage cooler
5. Plastics -- Cooling of injection molding machine
6. Textiles -- Condensation of process vapour
7. Refrigeration / Air conditioning -- as condenser for air cooled chillers
8. Power Industry -- Turbine lube oil cooler / turbine intercooler

Packing & Delivery

* We have heat exchange calculation software which can offer optimal solution.
Stainless steel automatic welding Tech
* Imported from Germany and it offer good appearance and high strength.

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