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Plasma Surface Treatment Machine
GS-503AH is designed by our company to mect the requirment of pretreating the surface of plastic made of PE and PP prior to printing.The molecular strucre for surface of substrate treated by The machine is changed so that the print ink adherence is improved.
High frequency plasma surface activation technology provides an innovative, safe and economical solution to the problem of bonding and bonding between objects. Plasma pretreatment can greatly improve the surface energy of the object and improve the hydrophilicity, adhesion, dyeability, biocompatibility and electrical properties. It is very important for printing, bonding, painting, coating, gluing, cleaning and other processes.
Assembled with general purpose conical holder can meet the normal requirements, special size is also available by made to order.
Electroplated aluminum alloy holder and bright plating
Stable Speed: Use miniature electronic speed adjustor form Janpan to ensure Reliable and stable conveyance;
Energy Saving: Specially designed flame spray gun and ejector make lliquefied gas be burnt to full;
The structure of the machine is new, design is reasonable, operation is convenient, and assembled with movable roller wheels to make convenient move.
Conveyor belt
Adjustable speeds from 1 m/min to 11.0 m/min (3 ft/min to 37 ft/min) increments: Flexibility in setting specific speeds for each application
Rotating mounting system can align plasma heads perpendicular to belt’s direction of travel: Extendable in width for curing of larger parts
Rotating mounting system can align plasma heads parallel to belt’s direction of travel: Maximum dose for curing smaller parts at faster speeds

Plasma Surface Treatment Machine GS-503AH(30mm)
Output power:
Input voltage:
Working air pressure:
Processing width:
Gun head size:
Host size:
Input voltage fluctuation
Working pressure range
0.1MPa~0.2MPa (1Kg~2Kg)
External air source requirements
0.4MPa~1.0Mpa (4Kg~10Kg)
Output cable length

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