HT-702 UHV Multifunctional DSP Control 0 - 120V 30A AC Output Digital Microcomputer 3 Phase Tester relays

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Product Overview


Product Description

HT-1200 China Factory Six Phase Secondary Injection Relay Test Set relay tester
HT-702 comes with a large LCD display and flexible rotating mouse controller. If coupled with computer to run the powerful operating functions. Small size, high accuracy. With superior performance, advanced features, but also has a small tester compact and flexible, easy operation and high reliability.

Product Paramenters

AC current output

3 phase parallel current output (effective value)
Maximum output power of Phase current
Maximum Permitted work time of 3 parallel current
Harmonic time
0~20 (with computer)/ 0~6(without computer)

DC current output

Current output
 0~±10A / phase, 0~±30A / 3parallel

AC voltage output

Phase voltage output (effective value)
Phase voltage / Line phase output power
80VA / 100VA
Harmonic time
0~20 (with computer)/ 0~6 (without computer)

DC voltage output

Phase voltage output range
Phase voltage / Line phase output power
70VA / 140VA

Switching value and time measurement

Switching value input
8 path
Empty contact: 1~20mA, 24V
Potential contact access:”0”: 0~ +6V; “1”:+11 V~ +250V
Potential contact access:”0”: 0~ +6V; 
“1”:+11 V~ +250V
Time measurement
measuring range 0.1ms ~ 9999s, accuracy 0.1mS

1.The standard 4-phase voltage and 3-phase current output. The machine has 4-phase voltage and 3-phase current output, which can easily carry out various combined outputs and various types of protection tests. The voltage of each phase can output 120V, and the current of three phases can output 120A. The voltage UX of the 4th phase is a multi-functional voltage item, which can be set to 4 kinds of 3 U0 or check the synchronous voltage, or output under the condition of any certain voltage value.
2.The single machine is operated by the convenient and flexible rotating mouse through the large screen LCD, and all are displayed in Chinese. It can complete most of the on-site test and verification work, verify various relays and microcomputer protection, and simulate various complex transient, permanent and conversion faults for the whole group of tests. It can be used after startup, and the operation is convenient and fast.
3.Dual operation mode, which can be connected to the computer for operation, through the full set of Chinese operation software on the windows platform, it can carry out various large-scale, complex and more automatic verification work, conveniently test and scan various protection settings, store test data in real time, display vector diagram, draw fault waveform, print report online, etc.
4.The software has powerful functions can complete various large-scale and complex calibration work with high degree of automation, such as three-phase differential test, auxiliary power fast switching, standby automatic switching test, line
protection inspection and synchronous reclosing. It can easily test and scan various protection settings, perform fault
playback, store test data in real time, display vector diagram, print report online, etc.
5. Abundant switching contacts The relay protection tester has 8-way contact input and 4 pairs of empty contact output. The input contact is empty contact, compatible with 0 ~ 250V potential contact, and can be identified intelligently and automatically.Input and output contacts can be expanded according to user needs.
6. The large LCD screen adopt 320 × 240 dot matrix large screen high-resolution graphic LCD, all operation processes are set on the display, and the operation interface and test results are displayed in Chinese, which is intuitive and clear.
7. Self protection adopts a reasonably designed heat dissipation structure, and has reliable and perfect multiple protection measures, soft start of power supply, and certain fault self diagnosis and locking functions.
8. Independent special DC power output with one circuit of 110V and 220V special adjustable DC power output.
9. High cost performance. It is a product designed jointly by multiple disciplines and integrates the advanced scientific and technological achievements of multiple disciplines. It has both the performance of large-scale tester and the price of small tester, and has a high performance price ratio.

Company Profile

Wuhan Ultra High Voltage Electric Power Technology CO.,Ltd. (Branches of Wuhan Huatian Electric Power Automation Co.,Ltd.) Established in 2021. we are located in Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development
Zone, which is also named Wuhan Optical Valley with convenient transportation access.
Wuhan Ultra High Voltage Electric Power is a well-experienced OEM/ODM factory engaged in the research, development, manufacture, sale and service of electric power testing equipment or systems.Including AC Series Resonant Test System, AC/DC/VLF Hipot Test Set, Transformer Tester, Secondary Injection Relay Tester, Cable/Line Tester, Insulation Oil Tester, Circuit Breaker/Switch Tester and SF6 Test Equipment etc.
They are widely used in electric power,energy, transportation,metallurgical,chemical,mining and water conservancy project. We have obtained the ISO 9001 quality system certification, OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification and all products conform to the international CE or Chinese state standards.
Our products are widely exported to all over the world and our service are recognized and highly appreciated by world scale customers, we will always right be here take the customer as first priority and provide you the best solution. Looking forward to building a thrust-worthy and long-term relationship with you.
slogan: Smart Electric Testing Equipment Manufacturer, making your testing work more easy !

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1. Is your company a sales company or a manufacturer?

Wuhan UHV Power Technology CO., LTD. is an industrial and trade enterprise, with its own factory,
self-produced and self-sold. We were founded in 2004 and have Seventeen years of production experience. Our company has reliable production lines, test rooms, QC rooms and R&D centers.

2. When can i get the price ?

We usually quote within 6 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or send us your email so that we can provide you the details at our first time.

3.What is your terms of delivery ?

We accept EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF ect. You can choose the one which is the most convenient and cost effective for you.

4. How much will be the Shipping cost and time?

This will depend on the size and quality of the goods you purchased and the method of shipping(by sea/ by air/ by Epress) and your designated port or air port. We will be grateful of you can spare us some times to evaluate the cost based on the information provided.

5. Could you please tell me the Warranty Period of your product ?

Our warranty period is one year free and lifelong maintance, and if the product is damaged (if not man-made damage),
in the first year, we will send free parts for replacement or free repairment if you willing to send back the equipment (customer will take the shipment cost).

6.What kind of Certificate can you provide ?

We can provide the CE mark, ISO 9001 quality certificate, the third party calibration certificate(CNAS), factory test report etc.

7.Do you have Technique support to all customers from different countries ?

To be frankly, our technical support is always available and quick response in 12 hours. We are manufacturer of so much on site testing experience and understand how to deal with your problems.

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