Non woven fabric shearing high speed pneumatic slitting tool holder (1600522749434)

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Features: 1. Suitable for cutting hard thick material or high speed strip
2. Minimum width can be up to 60mm
3. Automatic pneumatic knife and knife system
4. Lower cutter depth can be adjusted separately
5. Adjustable upper and lower cutter touching angle
6. The highest speed can reach to 1200M/min

Depth adjust
Using depth adjust screw can easily control down stroke overlap distance between top and bottom blade, it is helpful for overlap
compensation when blade wear.

         Knife-holder direction arrange

For different web path application now is more easily to adjust. Unscrew angle plate and rotate bottom knife holder for different
web path direction and to get better efficiency result.

Paper: kraft paper, release paper, wallpaper, paper, sticky paper, cardboard, corrugated board, sandpaper.
Plastic film: soft PVC, hard PVC, PP, PE, ps, SBB, adhesive tape.
Cloth: non-woven cloth, synthetic leather cloth, natural cotton cloth, emery cloth, medical adhesive cloth, trademark cloth.
Foam category: foam cotton, foam cloth.
Rubber: rubber magnetic board, rubber skin.
Other products: adhesive straps and other laminating products.

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