1263 Degrees Celsius Fire Insulation Ceramic Fiber Blanket

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Ceramic Fiber Blanket

 1263 Degrees Celsius Fire Insulation Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

MaterialCeramic fiberTest Methods
Temperature Resistance1260℃~1600℃ASTM-D-6413
Weight1000 g/m² (29.5 oz/sq yd)ASTM-D-3776
ThicknessMore Than 2mm Can Be CustomizedASTM-D-1777

Ceramic fiber blanket is produced from high purity aluminosilicate material through strictly controlled high temperature furnace melting and fiberizing process.

Ceramic fiber blanket for applications in a temperature range from 1260 to 1600.

Commonly used Ceramic Fiber products except cloth include tape, rope, braid, tubing, paper, blanket, etc.

Most insulation pipe construction multi-purpose ceramic fiber silk blanket.



Ceramic Fiber Blanket Features

  1. Low thermal shock coefficient and low heat capacity

  2. Good high temperature insulation performance and long service life

  3. Has the ability to resist non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and zinc, etc.

  4. Has good low temperature and high temperature strength

  5. High temperature stability

  6. Thermal shock resistance

  7. Low heat storage

  8. Good chemical stability

Our Services

  • We can manufacture to your desired product quality standards.

  • We can provide the inspection certificate for the product you need (the testing agency can be specified by you)

  • The quality, size and color of the products can be customized according to your needs, and we have the ability to produce exactly the same thing according to your samples.

  • The packaging, color, and printing of the products can also be customized according to your needs. 



 Ceramic Fiber Blanket Application

  1. Expansion joint fabric

  2. Insulation wrapping material for pipes, wire, cable, exhaust, and other geometric shapes

  3. Protective insulation covers, curtains, blankets, and welding curtains

  4. High temperature seals, gaskets, and tadpole gaskets


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China LinkCoo is a professional manufacturer of fireproof and thermal insulation materials. In more than 20 years of production R&D and testing, we continue to innovate and improve, so we have passed many certifications such as UL, ROHS, CE, ISO9001 and so on.
LinkCoo's main products are silicon-coated fiberglass fabrics, aluminum foil fiberglass fabrics, aluminum foil tapes, ceramic fiber fabrics, PTFE-coated fabrics, and other fire-retardant, flame-retardant, acid-alkali-resistant fabrics.




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