ro water purifier water treatment reverse osmosis system sea water desalination plant

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RO system working principle
Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation technology that can be driven by pressure by means of the working force of a selective permeable (semi-permeable) membrane.
When the pressure added to the system is greater than the osmotic pressure of the influent solution, water molecules continuously permeate after passing through the membrane, it flows into the central tube through the permeate flow channel, and then the impurities in the water, such as ions, organics, bacteria, viruses, etc., flow out at one end, are trapped at the inlet side of the membrane, and then flow out at the outlet end of the concentrated water to achieve separation and purification purpose. The reverse osmosis equipment is to pass the raw water through a fine filter, a quartz sand filter, a compressed activated carbon filter, etc., and then pressurize it through a pump, using a pore size of 1/10000 μm ,reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane), which makes high-concentration water into low-concentration water, and at the same time isolates industrial pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other impurities mixed into the water, and produces pure water.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation technology that can be driven by pressure by means of the working force of a selective
permeable (semi-permeable) membrane.
Water molecules pass through the membrane, but heavy metal ions, bacteria, fine scale are stopped by the membrane. Concentrated waste water will be collected and discharged.
The filteration of the membrane is 1/10000um.

Reverse Osmosis System Parts And Working Process
Raw water tank----raw water pump-----quartz sand filter----activated carbon filter-----precision filter-----high pressure pump-----reverse osmosis system-- ---Pure water tank
1. Raw water tank: It mainly solves the problem of unstable tap water pressure, and reduces the mechanical failure caused by the frequent startup of the lift pump or the unstable tap water pressure during operation.
2. Quartz sand filter: The tap water enters from the upper end of the tank body, and flows evenly from the upper end of the filter layer to the lower end through the upper water distributor.
After the tap water passes through the filter layer, it is separated from the filter layer through the lower water distributor to form filtered water.
3. Activated carbon filter: The internal structure of the activated carbon filter is exactly the same as that of the quartz sand filter. After activated carbon adsorption, the residual chlorine in tap water can generally be reduced to below 0.1mg/L.
4. Precision filter: 5us melt-blown filter element is used, which can remove fine particles and further create conditions for reverse osmosis water.
5. High-pressure pump: provide the required power for reverse osmosis operation.
6. Reverse osmosis system: The reverse osmosis system is the core component of the reverse osmosis pure water equipment. In the design of reverse osmosis, the number, brand and arrangement of filter membrane elements are mainly considered.
7. Pure water tank: Be used to store pure water.

Precision Filter
The precision filter (also known as the security filter) is mainly used to perform precise pre-treatment on the reverse osmosis system, remove the leaked filter material and unfiltered impurities, ensure that the water entering the reverse osmosis
equipment,meets the requirements. It is the final protection of reverse osmosis unit.
RO Membrane
Reverse osmosis is widely used in the production of pure water and various de-mineralized water treatment projects. It is to separate the water in the solution through the reverse osmosis membrane with sufficient pressure. At the same time of desalination, most bacteria, colloids, organic matter and microorganisms are also removed, which will greatly improve the purity of water quality.
High pressure Pump
High pressure is required in the reverse osmosis process. The high-pressure pump plays an important part in the reverse osmosis
system, providing a power source for the reverse osmosis process, so as to ensure the stable effluent of the reverse osmosis
equipment and sufficient flow.

Water source and Application
The water of well, lake, river,sea water, industrial waste and so on can be the source. Please contact me to ask for customized reverse osmosis water treatment machine.And the water after treatment can be used directly for drinking, food and beverage, wine. Also for industry in need of pure water such as chemical, pharmaceuticals, electronics etc.

Product Photos
FRP material is cost efficient while stainless steel is strong with longer service life.

Technical parameters

Reverse Osmosis water filtration system
Place of Origin
CN, Yantai
220V/1 phase,380V/3phases, or customized
Stainless Steel,  or FRP
Feed Water
Tap water, underground water, other
250/500/1000L/hour, other
Control method
Full automatic or semi-automatic control
Operation Temperature

Packing & Delivery

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1.Q:What's your delivery clause?
A:FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW are all acceptable;

2.Q:What's your payment terms?
A:T/T, L/C, PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union and others are negotiable;

3.What's you quality control method?
A:Quality control is throughout start from the raw material to the finished product. Raw material sample inspection /full
inspection, 100% inspection in production, after production and before shipment.

4.Q:How do you assist to install and operate the machine?
A:Overseas installment is available, video and online technical support are always available too;

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