Industrial iron powder 99.9 electrolytic iron powder for diamonds tools powder iron core t50-17

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Reduced iron powder is gray or black powder, also known as "double adsorbent", which can adsorb moisture and air in water, and is often used for food preservation. The main ingredient is simple iron with a loose structure. It is often used as a high-quality reducing agent in chemical production and laboratory operations. Our products include sponge iron, direct reduced iron powder, secondary reduced iron powder, atomized iron powder, carbon iron powder, electrolytic powder, etc.


Powder Metallurgy
High-activity iron powder can obtain high-density products during sintering. At present, it has been widely used in aerospace, shielding, electrical products and other industries; the automobile industry is also a very large user of powder metallurgy industry
Synthetic Diamond Catalyst
Various diamond tools (such as saw blades, various cutter heads, grinding blocks, etc.) can be mixed with other metal powders in different proportions, which can greatly improve the performance of the tool, increase the clamping force of the diamond, and it is not easy to lose teeth and chip.

Food Desiccant
The desiccant part is added with iron powder, which uses its oxidizing ability to absorb moisture and oxygen in the air, so that the food can be kept fresh and not easy to deteriorate. The iron powder has excellent drying performance and is non-toxic.
Microwave Adsorption
Ultra-fine iron powder is used in wave-absorbing and shielding materials, which can mainly make the material have the characteristics of good absorption performance and wide frequency band, and can be widely used in various civil and military industries.


Chemical Composition
Particle Size
Insolubles in acid
Loose piled density

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1.Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are an experienced manufacturer.

2.Can you supply free samples? Who pay for the freight?

Yes, we can supply free samples. Usually, customers afford the freight. We usually send via International Express after receipt of the courier charge.

3.Can you supply test report issued by SGS or other third-party inspection organization?

Yes, we can, if customers request third-party test report.

4.Do you have quality control system?

We do have quality control system for each step of process controlling, and we have the control system from raw materials to finished products. We got ISO certificate.

5. About Price?

The price is negotiable. It can be revised according to your quantity or specification.

6. About warranty?

We are quite confident in our products. Usually , customers will receive their cargo in good condition. Any quality issue, we would deal with it immediately.

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