High gloss flexo ink vivid color high density uv flexo ink for flexo printing

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Product Overview


                                       UV flexographic ink 

Product features:
1. High color intensity, 10-15% higher than ordinary ink
2. Wide range of applicable materials, good adhesion to materials and less stock
3. Lower odor, suitable for food / cosmetics and other products sensitive to odor
4. Good curing performance, suitable for high-speed printing
5. Low viscosity and more stable and consistent viscosity of various colors
6. Applicable to single scraper and closed scraper system
7. Excellent printability and dot reproduction
8. Printing on paper materials has less penetration and absorption

Application scope:
1. Self adhesive label
2. In film label
3. Surround label
4. Various non absorbent materials
5. It can cooperate with hot ironing process and thermal printing

6100 series ink can be directly printed on the machine after opening the can. The ink viscosity is directly related to the
weather. If the temperature is low
When the viscosity is low and high, a small amount of UV special diluent can be added to improve the printability, curing speed
and adhesion of the ink
Fastness is not affected.

The curing speed of 6100 series ink is affected by many factors, such as lamp power, lamp distance and light fixation speed
Degree, ink layer thickness, substrate color. The darker the color and the thicker the ink layer, the slower the curing.
Light solid condition (80-120w / cm) × 3 PCS): ≤ 150m / min, please see the attachment for details.

Attention: for printing substrates with different properties, the adhesion fastness of ink must be checked in advance. polychrome

When, it is recommended to carry out UV curing in the order of first deep and then shallow.

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