Nooyi 30kVA three phase railway voltage regulator

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Product Overview


Product Overview

Nooyi commenced on the research of voltage regulator since 1997, we have the experience of over 20 years in the producing of voltage regulator. The ZBW-S series digital contactless AC voltage regulator is a new-generation AC regulated power supply developed and produced by this company.

ZBW voltage stabilizer is digitally designed and human-oriented, and is provided with a powerful information collection system, signal processing system and detection system as well as a perfect protection system, being widely applied in all kinds of electric environments.

Products Description

10-60kVA Non-Contact Voltage Stabilizer Specially designed for subway/railway transportation
Our voltage stabilizers have special advantages and very different from others.
(1) All new raw materials.
(2) Full (100%) capacity. 80% or less capacity is NOT recommended.
(3) State-of-the-art technology makes true energy saving.
(4) Simple installation, safe protection, reliable operation, maintenance-free.
(5) Clear, comprehensive documentation and labeling.
(6) Suitable for 3 phase imbalanced/balanced supply & imbalanced/balanced load.
(7)OVER 20 YEARS experience in producing voltage regulator
(8) Adopted New generation ARM 32-bit processor, stable and reliable, long service life.

Product characteristics:
--Bidirectional voltage compensation to solve the problem of too high and too low voltage
--Fully automatic, non-contact, no carbon brush, no machinery, maintenance-free
--Fast dynamic response and stabilization, three phase separate adjustment.
--High power factor, high efficiency, withstand all kinds of load.
--LCD parameter display, easy to understand
--RS232 communication interface, standard MODBUS-RTU protocol, optional TCP/IP interface
--Support remote monitor through mobile APP and PC

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Product Paramenters

ZBW Series
Power Rating(kVA)
Input Parameter
Rated voltage
Three-phase 380V/400V ( can customized any voltage) 
Single-phase 220V/230V (can customized any voltage)
Input frequency
47Hz-63Hz self-adaptive
Output Parameter
Output rated voltage
Three-phase 380V/400V (±7% can be set) , Single-phase 220V/230V (±7% can be set)
Output voltage accuracy
±1-5% (2-5% for standard products)
Output additional voltage harmonic (THDv)
No additional waveform distortion (static)
Three phase balance
Three phase voltage automatic balance
Withstand any load
Overload capacity
120% 10 minutes 150% 1 minute
Bypass function
With uninterrupted automatic bypass
Control Parameter
Main control element
The main measurement and control chip adopts arm32-bit processor, and the voltage compensation actuator adopts thyristor
Control sampling rate
response speed
Compensation speed
The fastest speed is 100ms (can be set, and the compensation speed can be set as required)
Control voltage and current acquisition mode
Collect the wave point by point every week and calculate the true RMS digitally
control mode
Voltage closed loop control
Internet of things communication module
Support 4G wireless signal, wired broadband signal and Wi-Fi wireless broadband signal
Control Parameter
Display media
4.3-inch touch screen
Rated parameters
Output phase voltage, output current, frequency, power, average value of line voltage, percentage of load rate
Fuse break, output overvoltage, output undervoltage, output overload, phase sequence error, phase loss, surge protection module
Display accuracy of rated:1.0 grade
Resolution voltage: 0.1V
Protection Parameter
Protection type
Input phase sequence error, phase loss, output overvoltage, output undervoltage, fuse break, lightning surge failure, output
overload and short circuit
Protection mode
Four settings are optional
1. Cut off the output in case of fault and recover after normal operation;
2. Cut off the output;
3. Uninterrupted bypass;
4. No action.

Our Advantages

At present, NUOYI non-contact voltage regulators have applied to Taizhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Guiyang, Guangzhou, Dalian, Nantong, Beijing Airport and many other cities in China.

Non-contact voltage regulator made for Ningbo Subway, totally 200 sets
Non-contact voltage regulator made for Taizhou rail transit, totally 500 sets
Non-contact voltage regulator made for Wenzhou rail transit, totally 100 sets

We also provide the customized products and the design service, for OEM/ODM, pls share your special ideas with us.
Below are the customize series for your reference.

The voltage stabilizer can be widely used in:
--Machining center: laser cutting machine, various machine tools
--Medical equipment: CT, MRI, accelerator
--Radio and television communications: radio and television transmitting stations, communication base stations
--Manor Brewing Equipment,electronic computers, test devices, elevator lighting
--Remote rural power supply
--Protection of imported equipment and high-precision equipment

Company Profile

Nuoyi Electric Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of power supply. The company's headquarter was located in Shanghai and the factory is in Suzhou, with an area of 15000 square meters. The main products are variable frequency power supply, DC power supply, UPS uninterruptible power supply, grid connected inverter, DVR, AC voltage regulator etc. Our products are widely used in national defense, medical treatment, machining, transportation, communication, scientific research, new energy and other fields.


1.Are you manufacturer?
Yes, we are OEM manufacturer. We focused on the research of voltage regulator since 1997, we have over 20 years experience in produce the electric power equipment (DC Power supply, variable frequency power supply, UPS and frequency inverter).
2.Do you can be provide the international power installation and construction?
Yes, we have the qualification certification and strong team to provide the service for the national and international electric
power installation and construction project.
3.How about the pre-sale and after-sale service?
Before order we will be discuss full products details, price details, delivery details and install details etc. After order we
will be provide technical support. We are agree oversea service if you need.
4.What’s your MOQ?
One set for our electric power equipment.
5.How’s the delivery time needed?
Our produce time need about 15 days. The exact time based on the order.
6.How about the quality guarantee?
We help our customers solve their after-sales problem and offer 12 months warranty. If you are interest in our products, pls kindly contact us for more details.
7.How about the packaging
All the goods will be packed in carton or wooden case carefully. We will make sure all product is compete when it arrive. We guarantee that all the packaging is intact when it reaches its destination.

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