Food Vacuum Sealer Machine Household Automatic Vacuum Sealing ZKFK 001 FREE 10pcs VACUUM BAGS

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Product Overview



Model: ZKFK-001

Power: 90W

Voltage: AC100-240V/50-60Hz

Vacuum Degree: -60Kqa

Packing Size: L373xW70xH85mm

Sealing width: 270mm

250X170mm food grain bag X 10

Upgraded Version

•tReinforced housing design prevents air leaks during vacuuming.

•tReinforced vacuum pump to shorten vacuuming time

•tConstant temperature heating seal

•tSplash water design

•tAbsorbent venting design

•tAC100-240V,50-60Hz wide voltage input

Package Inclusions:

• 1 x Vacuum Sealer Machine

• 1 x Power Cable

• 10 x Sealer Bags

• 1 x User Manual


• Two Modes available: Vacuum and Seal or Seal

• Releasing Valve

• 27 cm Sealing Width

• Professional-looking

• Portable

• Durable


Vacuum and Sealing One Touch

1.tPut the food into a bag and straighten and smooth the mouth.

2.tPut the open end of the bag in the vacuum chamber under the airport. The food in the bag should not reach the position of the top cover of the vacuum machine.

3.tCover the upper cover and press down the two sides of the upper cover, then buckle the upper cover.

4.tPress "vacuum+sealing" button. When the green light flashes, the machine enters vacuum state.

5.tWhen the air is pumped out totally, the machine enters the State of automatic sealing, at this time, the green light goes out and the red light is on.

6.tToggle the exhaust valve to release the vacuum pressure when the green light is "on" again, the package is completed.

7.tRemove the lock on the left and right upper cover, open the upper cover and remove the adhesive tape.

Seal Only

1.tOpen vacuum sealer and put the bag into vacuum chamber.

2.tLock the two side buckles, press the "Heating Seal" for 3 seconds, the green light will turn to red.

3.tPress lightly on the "PUSH" position to get a better sealing effect.

4.tWhen the red light turns green again, sealing is completed.

Important Note!

1.tin order to get a better vacuum sealing effect, please do not put too much food in the vacuum bag (No more than 3/4 of the max volume) Please make sure that the end of the bag is put in the vacuum chamber (between the upper gasket and lower gasket)

2.tPlease use specially designed food vacuum bags. When vacuum sealing, please make the smooth side of the vacuum bags face up.

3.tWhen sealing only, you can get a better sealing effect by gently pressing the upper center of the vacuum sealer machine.

4.tAfter powering, please warm up for 30 seconds and then use it. After each vacuum sealing or sealing only operation, let the vacuum packaging machine rest for 1-2 minutes before performing the next operation. Note: If the sealing operation is too frequently performed in a short time, the vacuum bag may melt because of the higher temperature.

5.tDo not overfill the bags, leave enough space at the open end of the bag so that the bag can be placed in the vacuum chamber more positively.

6.tDo not wet the open end of the bag, Wet bags may be difficult to melt and seal tightly

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